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This is the Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic Church or as its marketed "Our Lady’s Church on the Waterfront” in Jersey City, NJ. The church building is small but beautiful in its own way esp as a small neighborhood church.

Piano lessons were going on when I took this however the piano teacher (pictured on far right front) was most gracious in allowing me to poke around and take some images.

Interesting excerpt on the church from the New York Times – July 2001:
To the dwindling Polish community in this waterfront town bustling once again — the changes at the local church say it all.

Call it the tale of Our Lady of the Upwardly Mobile.

”Gather Us In,” a hymn sung during Mass at Our Lady of Czestochowa Roman Catholic Church near the booming waterfront last Sunday, opened with the lines, ”Here in this place, a new light is streaming/Now is the darkness vanished away.”

Yet that new light, however divine, has cast stark changes over the historically Polish parish in recent years as the local pastor — with the backing of the authorities at the Archdiocese of Newark — tries to gather in the young urbanites who have flocked to the Paulus Hook neighborhood that surrounds Our Lady of Czestochowa.

On a mission to broaden the appeal and maximize the efficiency of the parish, which also includes a school, a community center and some choice real estate, the pastor last month eliminated the Polish-language Mass that had been a tradition at Our Lady of Czestochowa in the century since Polish Catholic immigrants bought the gray stone church from upwardly mobile Episcopalians.

But in a move that could make the most shameless real estate agent blush, the Rev. Thomas Iwanowski has sought to play down Our Lady of Czestochowa’s very name. He has done that with what he calls a tag line painted above the church’s double oak doors: Our Lady’s Church on the Waterfront.

The new logo — conceived by an advertising executive — uses only the letters OLC.

”When the wind blows, things change,” Father Iwanowski said during an interview in his office in the rectory next to the church. ”When the spirit of God comes, things change. Right now, change is involved here.”

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