scare tactics to decieve the nations counter with church.wmv

TVP has been telling people that a terrible event has to take place in great violence for the catch phase fake claim to a non monetary future has to come same as it say No such thing as Utopia in lies well proven that the logic of TVP is Just about telling blatant lie and build on them a web of follies that at first look make you think they have something…but then you find you been used to spread the word and all complain they have no solutions and do not build or even try to do anything but advertise for more victims to buy books and support land scams so ONE person owns all what you payed for! It is called 419 FRAUD acquire money and lands via free advertising and LIES and false promises they can’t keep and show they do not even know how! RBE is just a catch phase used to replace NON MONETARY SYSTEM showing how hypocrite they are in all things.
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