Benny Hinn ko’ing people and chu’ch memba’s going crazy Pentecostal point: One contested holiness viewpoint in the UPCI involves ownership of a television. However, in a move to expedite the cause of evangelism, the 2007 General Conference of the UPCI saw a majority of ministers vote for a resolution that allows for the use of television in advertising. This proposal was passed by merely 84 votes, and currently allows for advertising using this medium. The resolution was reviewed for a year by a special committee prior to the final vote, and was only adopted after careful consideration. This “Resolution #4” caused many UPCI ministers to threaten to leave the church; at least one new denomination, the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship, was formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma. if god is perfect and the church is basing it’s ‘standards’ on god’s plan, how come it took god and his people all these years to allow television? god never had a problem with it – men did to isolate thinking and produce people totally under the whim of thier pastor. the fact the UPC voted against tv’s for years and now uses them displays the hypocritical nature of the org. By the way, how can you watch these youtube videos and not watch a dvd? smaller screen makes for less evil? also, god never said you have to prove your spirituality by speaking in tounges in a group of people. he said to pray privately in a prayer closet and that the fruits of the spirit are love joy peace etc, not what you wear or what you
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