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Know Your Enemy (Part 75 – The Emerging Church – Road To Rome)

Series exploring the coming New World Order from a Christian perspective. In this part, how the Emerging Church is encouraging Christians to incorporate the paganism of Rome into their faith. This nearly eleven-hour journey through history, the Bible, theology and occult thought is now available as a four DVD set here: www.theapologeticsgroup.com www.facebook.com/thefuelproject
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Vatican (St Peter’s Basilica, Square and Church) Rome Italy

Italy Rome. The Vatican city is the residence of the popes and the smallest independent state in the world, an enclave surrounded by Rome. It dates back to the Lateran treaty of 1929, when the area around St Peter’s basilica was set up as an independent state run by the catholic church. The Vatican city contains St Peter’s basilica, St Peter’s square, St Peter’s Church, the Vatican museums and other areas. Music: Chris Babida

Path to Rome Conference Highlights Vibrancy in the Catholic Church

(PRWEB) April 23, 2003

Path to Rome Conference Highlights Vibrancy in the Catholic Church


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CHICAGO /PR Web/ — Vienna, Czestochowa, Prague…these are among the key destinations of the eighth annual PATH TO ROME Conference and Pilgramage planned for November 5-17, 2003. Featured as the only international conference of famous converts to the Catholic Church, PATH TO ROME is the brainchild of the founder and General Director of the MILES JESU institute of consecrated life, Very Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Maria Duran.

Speakers at this year’s conference will include His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Counsel for the Family; Her Imperial and Royal Highness Alexandra von Hapsburg, Archduchess of Austria; Rt. Honorable John Gummer, Member of the British Parliament an former Anglican; Dr. Bernard Nathanson, ex-abortionist and convert from Judaism; plus several renowned European converts to the Faith.

Father Duran’s vision for this conference series is especially appropriate for the Church today, even more for clerics and lay faithful alike in the United States. He explains, “This conference fervently and very strongly promotes the unity of all Christians, and especially the unity of those who confess themselves to be faithful followers of the Vicar of Christ and the Church…..The purpose of the conference is not to debate any particular issue in the Church because this is a gathering of exceptional personalities ‘in faith and in intellect’ who give their complete adherence to the Church.” PATH TO ROME attendee Marcia Drennan of Bronson, Michigan says, “PATH TO ROME focuses on the positive, not the sensational gloom and doom. There are positive things happening in the Church.” And Don Elder, also from Michigan and himself a convert, “I was very moved by the depth of faith I saw on the trip. It has set higher standards for me.” The Catholic New World of Chicago has summed it up by stating, “PATH TO ROME….shows that the Church is alive and vibrant.”

Typically attended by Cardinals, Bishops, dignitaries, and hundreds of laity deriving from four continents, PATH TO ROME is taking its place as an effective movement in the Church with full backing from top level Vatican prelates. Whether it’s the former Anglican Bishop of London explaining why he made the big leap to become a Catholic priest, or a Muslim being baptized into the Faith before a crowd of 900 people, or a Baptist-rap singer turned Catholic-apostle sharing his dynamic and inspiring conversion story, PATH TO ROME has something for everyone in an extraordinarily joyful and faith-filled atmosphere.

The pilgrimage, immediately following the weekend conference to be held in Vienna, will be accompanied by a MILES JESU priest and young lay members of the order who have left everything to follow Christ. Stops will include significant historical-religious sites in Vienna, Cracow, Czestochowa, and Prague. The birthplace of Pope John Paul II and the Divine Mercy monastery of St. Faustina are among the places to be visited in Poland.

For more information on the upcoming PATH TO ROME event call 1-800-654-7945 or visit the www.pathtorome.com website.

Chants de l’Eglise de Rome – Periode byzantine (Chants of the Roman Church, from the Byzantine Period) /Ensemble Organum * Peres

Chants de l’Eglise de Rome – Periode byzantine (Chants of the Roman Church, from the Byzantine Period) /Ensemble Organum * Peres

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Rome Holidays – the Land of Romans

Rome Holidays – the Land of Romans

Capital of Italy, Rome is one of most visited tourist destination and has lot of exciting and beautiful attractions and tourist spots to offer. Established by twins Remus and Romulus, the city of Rome is famous for its rich architecture and ancient monuments making it an ideal holiday destination for all.

Following are some of the most favorite tourist spots not to be missed when holidaying in Rome:

Castel Sant’ Angelo (Hadrian’s Mausoleum)

Initially tomb of Hadrain emperor, this place was also famous as the defense area of the city at early times. This historic tourist spot often finds a lot of visitors every year trying to catch the glimpse of its rich architecture.

Via Appia and the Aurelian Wall

This amazing wall was built in third century with the objective of supporting Rome’s defense system. Tourists from across the world, when holidaying in Rome, make sure that they visit this marvelous structure. If you are some one who loves capturing stunning architectural structures in your cameras, then visiting this wall is a good idea.

Theater of Marcellus

This gorgeous ancient structure was originally built by Julius Caesar and later was completed by Augustus. With remarkable history to it, this huge ancient structure has a capacity of over 20,000 people and is 120 meters in diameter.

Vatican Museums

Vatican museums boost some of the best antiquities of imperial roman, Egyptian and western civilization. The grouping of these value rich museums also possesses artifacts and sculptures dating back to first century BC. The museums are located in Vatican City, which is the world’s smallest sovereign state and a base for Catholic Church and is popular as land of pope. Holiday in Rome is incomplete without a visit to Vatican and its beautiful attractions.

Capitoline Museums

These museums of 17th century boost a stunning and gorgeous collection of archeological findings and artifacts. The museums also have the famous Constantine sculpture to its amazing collection and art.

Palatine hill

A walk from Roman forum starting from Via dei Fori Imperiali takes you to the incredible Palatine Hill. Built somewhere in first century, this hill has excellent and breathtaking views to offer as well as an outstanding sight of the city. One can always look and cherish the Alban hills and Circus Maximus. The hill is an amazing tourist spot for all those holidaying in Rome.

Best time to visit of holiday in Rome

Best time for a holidaying in Rome is in the months from March to May or rather the spring season. The summers and winters of Rome can be little uncomfortable for enjoying those amazing places in the city.

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Is Rome the True Church?: A Consideration of the Roman Catholic Claim

Is Rome the True Church?: A Consideration of the Roman Catholic Claim

A major critical analysis of the Roman Catholic Church’sexclusive claim of infallibility.

In 2007 the president of the Evangelical Theological Societyconverted to Roman Catholicism. His conversion and subsequentresignation stirred up questions that always swirl around suchhigh-profile conversions: Why do some Protestants become Catholics?Is Roman Catholicism a false church? Which church is the truechurch?

Norman Geisler and Joshua Betancourt answer these questions inIs Rome the True Church?, a major critical analysis of theRoman church’s claim to being the only true church. Since thisclaim is the most fundamental of all Catholic dogmas-all otherdoctrines being based on it-the whole of the Roman system stands orfalls here. The authors explain and critique the Roman church’sbiblical, historical, theological, and philosophical arguments onbehalf of its claim, digging into the best primary and secondaryCatholic sources on the subject. This book has answers forstudents, thoughtful evangelicals, and anyone interested in RomanCatholicism.

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Department 56 Churches of the World St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

Department 56 Churches of the World St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

“St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome” is visited by thousands of people each year. Now consumers can enjoy this special church into their home. This porcelain façade features a hand-painted finish, Display Anywhere Lighting, and historical facts about the church are printed on the back side. “Accents” is new line designed and manufactured exclusively by Department 56.

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