Church Fans – Set of 24 – Romans 5:8 – Hand Held Fans

Church Fans – Set of 24 – Romans 5:8 – Hand Held Fans

  • Large hand held size – 9 1/8″ x 8″
  • Made from recyclable 4mm corrugated plastic
  • Romans 5:8 – “But God demonstrates His own Love toward us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
  • Set of 24 fans in a package
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Each fan is made from corrugated plastic. The attached handle is also made from 4mm plastic. The fan measures 9 1/8″x8″. The fan reads Romans 5:8 – “But God demonstrates His own Love toward us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Each fan is screen printed with black text. This is a great product to use at any warm weather wedding – inside or out.

List Price: $ 24.00

Price: $ 24.00

Are you a Romans 7, or a Romans 8 Christian?

Are you a Romans 7, or a Romans 8 Christian?

Are you a Romans 7, or a Romans 8 Christian? That is the question addressed in the most recent readings from our Daily Scripture Reading Bible Study podcast service.

As we continued our readings from Paul’s letter to the Romans, we saw Paul teaching about the new man and the new creation. Previously in Romans we saw him teaching that these new men literally die as they go under the waters of baptism, and are born again as new creatures upon their coming up from these same waters.

What we learn from this is simple yet powerful. In essence, chapter 7 saw Paul speaking of the life of man before choosing faith in Jesus Christ and becoming a new creature through that faith—chapter 8 saw Paul speaking of the life of a man after becoming a new creation. In other words, for believers, chapter 7 is not what we have to look forward to, it is instead what we can remember back to—chapter 8 is what we have to look forward to, and, what we will see more and more of in our own lives as we fall more and more in love with God through Jesus Christ, the visible manifestation of the everlasting triune God of Scripture.

So indeed the way out of the agony spoken of in chapter 7 is found in chapter 8, and described such that we can come to understand that, even during our life here on planet earth, we are new creatures living in a new creation. Christ has mortified the deeds of the flesh and through the Spirit of Christ living in us, we can and do live as totally saved spiritual beings, not as totally depraved sinners. Chapter 8 is one of the greatest chapters of Scripture—as through it shines the glorious nature of the sons of God! You see, once you understand the incredible victory won by Christ directly after the cross in the depths of hell, this overwhelming victorious heaven view enables you to understand this overwhelmingly victorious and powerful worldview of the Apostle Paul—and your part in this already won victory lived out in your daily walk with the Lord.

Further, he confirms that the Spirit will provide the means, it is not up to us—hear the words of the Lord when He said “all things are possible with God.” Then, to remind us that while we will live this new life as new creatures of a new creation, there will remain all the earthly trials and tribulations natural to this created world, Paul goes on to make the point that these trials are nothing compared to the magnificent future God has planned for us. And that “hope” of our magnificent future is the blessing that gives us the grace to see the big picture. Our worldly lives are but the birthing center for our newly born spirit’s which, upon being translated from this life to the next, then obtain in fully realized form all those promises of that life lived beyond the bounds of time in the spiritual realm of the Kingdom of Heaven.

As you continue through your days, never forget that we are indeed rescued from the tyranny of destruction from sin. Our victorious heaven view confirms that. Our understanding of Christ’s work in Hell after the cross proves that. Our faith in the resurrection proclaims that. So while we may, from time to time, groan in a sort of universal travail over the tragedies that sometimes accompany this earthly life, it is with patient hope that we make our way through, knowing full well the already won victory, and the glorious life awaiting us if we can just finish our race here in faithful triumph.

Over and over, we see Paul making plain how the Spirit will indeed make us capable of such a high calling. The Spirit ever reminds us how glorious is our total salvation, and how completely we have left behind that total depravity still clung to by some. In Christ, we are made wholly perfect. Let no one therefore accuse you—only Christ can accuse you, but He died for you, gained the victory over death for you in Hell, rose again for you from the dead, and reigns in power for you even now. As a believer, the Spirit of the Christ lives in you, literally providing you the means to live the life we are called unto in chapter 8 of this marvelous book of Romans. So live it! Proclaim the victory! You need not be a chapter 7 man, but instead, fulfill your calling and be a Romans chapter 8 Christian. And build up fellow believers in this word, that all might then see the means to build Christendom wherever we are, and wherever we go.

Truly we are already victorious. We are more than conquerors. As believers, we already have the Kingdom of Heaven within us, and will, upon our translation as our spirits leave this material world for the spiritual, fully receive all the blessings promised in that life beyond the bounds of time. This is the glorious victory of the sons of God made plain to all who see the glorious victory already won in Heaven by Christ directly after the cross. Indeed, we are more than conquerors.


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Rome Holidays – the Land of Romans

Rome Holidays – the Land of Romans

Capital of Italy, Rome is one of most visited tourist destination and has lot of exciting and beautiful attractions and tourist spots to offer. Established by twins Remus and Romulus, the city of Rome is famous for its rich architecture and ancient monuments making it an ideal holiday destination for all.

Following are some of the most favorite tourist spots not to be missed when holidaying in Rome:

Castel Sant’ Angelo (Hadrian’s Mausoleum)

Initially tomb of Hadrain emperor, this place was also famous as the defense area of the city at early times. This historic tourist spot often finds a lot of visitors every year trying to catch the glimpse of its rich architecture.

Via Appia and the Aurelian Wall

This amazing wall was built in third century with the objective of supporting Rome’s defense system. Tourists from across the world, when holidaying in Rome, make sure that they visit this marvelous structure. If you are some one who loves capturing stunning architectural structures in your cameras, then visiting this wall is a good idea.

Theater of Marcellus

This gorgeous ancient structure was originally built by Julius Caesar and later was completed by Augustus. With remarkable history to it, this huge ancient structure has a capacity of over 20,000 people and is 120 meters in diameter.

Vatican Museums

Vatican museums boost some of the best antiquities of imperial roman, Egyptian and western civilization. The grouping of these value rich museums also possesses artifacts and sculptures dating back to first century BC. The museums are located in Vatican City, which is the world’s smallest sovereign state and a base for Catholic Church and is popular as land of pope. Holiday in Rome is incomplete without a visit to Vatican and its beautiful attractions.

Capitoline Museums

These museums of 17th century boost a stunning and gorgeous collection of archeological findings and artifacts. The museums also have the famous Constantine sculpture to its amazing collection and art.

Palatine hill

A walk from Roman forum starting from Via dei Fori Imperiali takes you to the incredible Palatine Hill. Built somewhere in first century, this hill has excellent and breathtaking views to offer as well as an outstanding sight of the city. One can always look and cherish the Alban hills and Circus Maximus. The hill is an amazing tourist spot for all those holidaying in Rome.

Best time to visit of holiday in Rome

Best time for a holidaying in Rome is in the months from March to May or rather the spring season. The summers and winters of Rome can be little uncomfortable for enjoying those amazing places in the city.

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Cyprus and the Romans

Cyprus and the Romans

Cyprus has seen many invaders and rulers come and go over the years including the Roman empire. Before the arrival of Rome the Island was under the control of Egypt around the time of Queen Cleopatra. Much bargaining was done between her, Mark Antony and Caesar himself as she attempted to hold onto what was left of her empire. In fact Cyprus was temporarily passed over to Cleopatra first by Julius Caesar and then later by Mark Antony only to revert to Roman control in 30 BC as a senatorial province. The events leading up to this time have been well documented and most readers will be aware of some of what went on between this passionate power crazed love triangle. It looked like the Romans where here to stay but for them at least the saying “all good things come to an end” was eventually to ring true. Empires rise only to fall so the Romans were not destined to remain in Cyprus for ever and although they left a lasting legacy on the Island it is Greek culture that has survived the test of time.

Under Roman rule Cyprus remained in peace or “pax romana” as it was known for over three hundred years until 115 AD. At this time the Jews inspired by a belief that the coming of their Messiah was imminent started a revolt against Rome on the Island. They were led by a man called Atermion a Jew who had taken a Greek name as was the custom at the time. There were hardly any Roman troops stationed in Cyprus at this time which explains why the revolt grew so quickly. The Roman emporer Trajan dispatched one of his generals to the Island and the rebellion was quelled. Historians say that 24,000 Jews were massacred on the Island by this roman army but there is a likelyhood that the actual numbers were significantly less. Following the revolt a decree was issued that Rome would forbid any Jew to ever set foot in Cyprus ever again even if shipwrecked.

Many people will be aware that Rome was in fact one of the first empires to accept Christianity and this too has its roots in Cyprus. Round about 45 AD the Apostle Paul accompanied by Barnabas and Saint Mark set off on his first missionary journey to spread the Gospel. They arrived first at Salamis which is now in the occupied North of the Island before traveling to Paphos. It was here that Paul was bound to a pillar and received 39 lashes for preaching the gospel to the Greeks. Visitors to Paphos can see this pillar next to the Church on Apostolou Pavlou Avenue (St Pauls Avenue) near the church of Saint Kiriaki. Whilst preaching in Cyprus the Apostles were obstructed by a local Magician known as Bar Jesus and Paul sent him temporarily blind in Gods name. The then Governor of Cyprus Sergius Paulus was so amazed by all this that he converted to Christianity and so Cyprus became the first Christian state in the world. Saint Lukes Gospel vividly describes in great detail Pauls journey into Cyprus.

Evidence of the Roman occupation of Cyprus can be found all over the Island and there are numerous guided tours available too. Paphos is a great place for the start of any cultural expedition because there is lots to see all in one place. A short walk from Paphos harbor itself is a beautifuly restored roman ampitheatre where you can listen to concerts and watch dramas throughout the summer months. Close by are the excavated houses of several Roman nobles including the famous house of Dionysus with its fabulous mosaic tiled floors. The mosaics are made from thousands of tiny cubes of stone and marble into intricate images. They are in remarkably good condition despite being around two thousand years old. With sites dotted all over the Island including the ancient City of Salamis in Northern Cyprus you should never be very far from seeing some evidence of the Romans in Cyprus.

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