Daniel Rodes: 7 Churches

This is a message the prophet Daniel Rodes received about the seven churches in America during the end of this age. 7 types of churches: 1. Spiritual Level- These will be persecuted by others in the church. Their freedoms will be reduced, but they will not be stopped. 2. No more miracles. Miracles have passed away, they say. Doctrinal teachings are preferred over Bible teachings. 3. Easy Gospel- These people say, “Don’t put a guilt trip on us.” 4. Carnal- “I’m good enough,” they say. They are easily offended. These are hard to reach. 5. Lukewarm- This type can even go in with the World Council of Churches. They like to talk nice and teach love for everybody. 6. Infant group- These have an inferiority complex. They have relationship and family problems and require constant counseling. 7. Liberal Group- They say any religion is okay. These will bring in the One World Church. The above list is from my rough notes on the interview with Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club (r). Here is the link to listen free: www.prophecyclub.com Please consider donating to The Prophecy Club to support these free materials. Thank you. You can find Prophet Tom Deckard at: www.jewishprophet.com Other excellent resources: www.unleavenedbreadministries.org www.nomorepretending.com www.guidetojesus.com www.nextcrusade.com (radio, free listen)
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