Pastor Jay Brings 500 Mile Walk of Faith to Restoring Honor Rally on the National Mall

Washington, DC (Vocus) August 26, 2010

Pastor Jay Ahlemann will walk the most important leg of his 500 Mile Walk of Faith from the World War II Memorial toward the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall during the Restoring Honor Rally on Saturday, August 28, 2010. To oppose the building of a mosque at the Ground Zero site in New York, to challenge the policies of the Obama administration, and to encourage a return to the Judeo Christian values upon which the nation was founded, the 65-year-old pastor is walking 500 miles through the Shenandoah Valley and the nation’s capital. Pastor Jay took the first steps on the walk on August 2nd and will continue his historic trek for America at the Restoring Honor Rally.

“I’m sick and tired of the leadership of this nation going around this world apologizing to the Islamic world. It’s time to stop bowing to Islam and stand up for America,” said Pastor Jay, “We haven’t been able to get it together to build a memorial at Ground Zero, but a mosque is planned for construction there. Am I going to have anything to say about that? You’d better believe it.”

What: Interview and b-roll opportunity with Pastor Jay on the 500 Mile Walk of Faith

Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time: Noon

Location: World War II Memorial – 17th Street Entrance

Contact: Chris Hill – (703) 906-2446

Washington Redskins Super Bowl MVP Mark Moseley and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA, 10th Dist.) are supporters of the 500 Mile Walk of Faith and join Pastor Jay in a new online video located on to share their views on the critical factors threatening the very foundation of the country.

Pastor Ahlemann organized the 500 Mile Walk of Faith to bring America back to God and country and the Judeo Christian values the nation was founded upon:

The Sanctity of Human Life (Born and Unborn)
The Traditional Family and Marriage (Between One Man and One Woman)
A National Work Ethic (Not a Socialistic and Welfare Culture)
The Right to a God-Centered Education
The Abrahamic Covenant (Refusing to “Bow to Islam” and Support Israel)
Our Personal Accountability to God
Common Decency


A pastor for 46 years, Pastor Jay is well-known for publicly opposing the 1998 relocation and construction of the Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia. Pastor Jay served for 26 years as the Pastor of Christian Fellowship Church located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area – one of the largest evangelical churches in the region. He is currently the pastor of The Church of the Valley in Strasburg, VA.


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