Resisting Church Changes

Resisting Church Changes

If there is anything the church is good at doing, as history has shown, it is at being conservative and resisting change even in light of contradicting it’s very own Scriptures. The contradiction is one primarily of wearing glasses that Jesus said one should not wear. So blame the leadership that keeps promoting “sameness”. Thus the church supported slavery and patriarchal policies long after even society in general saw them is wrong-headed. 

Valerie Hunt put it this way, “The real struggle we experience as we evolve comes from our resistance to change, not just to move forward, but to take a new, un-chartered route. Change at this level disrupts ways of thinking, making choices and behaving.” I know all too well. My ways of thinking have been greatly disrupted.

Jesus, Buddha, Francis Of Assisi, Gandhi, and St. Theresa, to name a few, drastically rearranged their egos, group affiliation, and values. Many Christians don’t want to hear that, but just read the Gospels and see how the Pharisees, Sadducees, and others did not like the “new values” that Jesus was attaching to Judaiism.

Thus they had him crucified!

Jesus died to his ego (he gave up in the garden), he changed the habit patterns of when a person could be healed, and he shook off the bland beliefs of the time-honored rituals, even trashing the sacrificial system wherein one sins could be covered by killing an animal, instead saying a “dip in the water” would suffice for “repentance of sins”. Jesus was a RADICAL, SUBVERSIVE teacher!

Where are those teachers today?

Instead, we are suffused with stiff-necked fundamentalists who only want the interpretations of the Bible that Constantine wanted 1,700 years ago in Nicea. Even a “what-if” question throws one into the category of heretics. The institutionalized church, mainly in the format of denominational turf-wars, has adopted agreements within and among itself and built walls to keep out any ideas to the contrary.

Such an opposite paradigm of Jesus, who became the Christos, that didn’t resist change, but BROUGHT IT to the TABLE. How can we as His followers do any less- regardless of the cost. And, it will cost. Change always brings regression (a mild word) at first. What changes in your life, your view of Jesus, the Bible, the universe are you resisting- even fighting?

It’s a scary question to ask and honestly answer. But, when and when you can’t answer it, I bet your friends can!  🙂

As a spiritual-futurist, I interpret current events in light of possible macro-universal forces at play leading up to 2012, but not limited to it.