2010 Credit Reel for Calvary Church Men’s Dance Troupe Wants To Be On Ellen

For the past decade the women of Calvary Church have held an annual Christmas brunch which included a speaker and an always hysterical skit. In 2009 the entertainers amped it up with the Calvary Men’s Ballet Troupe. You have likely seen a men’s ballet troupe on YouTube in the past. Usually men in tutus, flailing about and dancing quite horrendously, but with many laughs. This team was different though, it brought more laughs than one could have imagined, what was so cool, was how well they danced. They took it seriously and worked very very hard. In 2010, the men performed again, but with a new twist. To see the 2010 Performance click here: www.youtube.com To see the 2009 Ballet, click here: www.youtube.com To “like” our facebook page and help them to get on Ellen click here: www.facebook.com 2010 Dance Team Bill Schott (Johnny Jitterbug) – Marketing and Advertising – Married with 2 children Nick Smith (Willy Houston) – 5th Grade Teacher & Basketball Coach – Married father of 3 children Dave Gring (Tommy Twinkle) – Marketing and Real Estate Agent – Married with 4 children Mike Spencer (Jimmy Jazz Hands) – Sales Serviceman – Married with 1 child Bryan Donley (Cha Cha Charlie) – Construction/Development – Married with 4 children Derek Lee (Donnie Disco) – Probation Officer & Personal Trainer – Married with 1 child John Szabo (Sammy Sugar) – Inventory Analyst – Married with 1 child Kimberly Perry (Regina Rubenstein) – Physician – Married with 3 children 2010 Crew Kimberly
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