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Sponsored by Hiscox – hiscoxusa.com Jose and Aure share best practices in estimation, planning and keeping web projects on track. 0:00 Welcome to TWi Web Design with Aure Gimon, Xin Chung, & Victoria Heric 3:45 Xin Chung talks about his background 5:00 Jose talks about the benefits of having a talented producer that can provide transparency to your clients as they manage projects. 7:23 What are the differences between working as a producer within agile development and working as a producer within an agency model? 10:13 The panel discuss producer Best Practices, arguing the benefits of products like Basecamp and Google Docs. 15:20 Jose asks Victoria how she handles the fast pace of an agency environment that involves complicated scheduling and intense dependencies? 17:10 So are you all agile? 19:14 The benefits of documenting a project in case something goes sideways. 20:26 Hiscox is incredible for small business! www.hiscoxusa.com/smallbiz 22:59 Project Managers versus Producers – what’s the difference? 27:01 Who should have creative input? 28:37 Jose and Aure have had both titles, what’s best for the client? 30:07 Creative Technical Producers? 32:01 Game design is not web development! 33:10 The confusion around job title prefixes. 33:59 A user asks for advice around asset management. 37:26 Jose predicts Google Plus will kill Basecamp! 38:11 Jose demonstrates PB Works infrastructure 39:15 Xin talks the challenge of keeping game development in order. 40:45 To Gantt charts

LDS Church unveils Phoenix temple redesign

LDS Church unveils Phoenix temple redesign
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tuesday unveiled a redesign of its Phoenix temple featuring a lower and wider building than the original plan.
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Area Church Briefs
First Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Cameron invites the public to help welcome its new pastor, Karl Thames, and his wife, Sharon.
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LDS church opens third meetinghouse in Surprise
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has completed construction of a meetinghouse that will serve nearly 1,100 of its members who reside in Surprise. This will be the third meetinghouse built by the church in Surprise.
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