New York Church Recognized for Influential Impact on Community

Brookville, NY (PRWEB) June 13, 2008

One of the United State’s oldest church congregations, the Brookville Reformed Church is located in Brookville, New York, and was recently featured by the Long Island Business News in its “The Influentials” article for its impact it has on the surrounding community.

The Brookville Reformed Church is one of the oldest existing church congregations in the United States, and the Church was founded originally by 17th century Dutch settlers, and according to Reverend Allen Ramirez, records of the community have been meticulously kept since the founding of the church.

According to an article on the Brookville Reformed Church in The Newsday newspaper, a New York and Long Island daily paper, in the midst of celebrating the church’s anniversary in September 2006, the church’s safe was opened to reveal records from 1732 indicating how the Dutch settled the area and formed the church. Further documents revealed that the Dutch language was spoken and written up to the Civil War years, which was contrary to popular belief that the English immigrated into the area and quickly eradicated any Dutch influences on the original colonies.

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About the Brookville Reformed Church:

The Brookville Church seeks, in the Reformed tradition, to serve as a spiritual resource for its community by providing an open center for positive and loving family worship; by offering guidance and aid to its people in need; by training its members in the teachings of Christ; by promoting fellowship among all people; and by reaching out responsibly to support those who are less fortunate in the world.