What does the Catholic Church do about a defected Catholic who knowingly receives communion?

Question by Jack: What does the Catholic Church do about a defected Catholic who knowingly receives communion?
My grandparent doesn’t know I’m a defected catholic (my baptismal record is marked as defected), and they urged me to receive communion – which i did. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to in the eyes of the church – I like to be respectful of those who are members of the church, but I did. If the church knows I did this, does it make a difference of the church’s opinion of me? Does it make a difference if I try to re-affirm my faith later, or have a catholic wedding if my partner wishes?


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Answer by Grand Master Mystic
There is no such thing as a defected baptism.

If your baptism was done wrong (done by a non-Trinitarian Sect) then it would be redone. Also, you need First Communion to receive the Eucharist and the prerequisite is baptism.

Here’s what I think. You’re either:
1.) Mislead and/or confused.
2.) Trying to make some crap up to give the Church a totaltarian reputation.

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