How do you receive faith, just not working for me?

Question by Gabe: How do you receive faith, just not working for me?
I seem like I been through this road sooo many times. One of my friends tells me ‘God Stories’ and then I get interested. I go to church with him a few times, pray with him, go to small group, but it leads to the same thing, “You just need faith”.

Is faith just believing in something that you can’t see, test, touch, and isn’t tangible? If not, please tell me what it is and how do I get this? Yes I already tried praying, same outcome every time.

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Answer by Jay
call 222-222-2223 and order your faith!!! just 5 easy payments of $ 9.99!!!!

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how do i receive eucharist at an Episcopal church?

Question by Scott: how do i receive eucharist at an Episcopal church?
i am going to my daughter’s K4 graduation ceremony which is held at an episcopal church. they will be serving communion during the ceremony. (i am Presbyterian, so we do things a little differently.) is it like a catholic church where you kneel and hold your hands in a certain way to receive it? i don’t want to screw things up, even though there will be lots of other non-members there as well. thanks 🙂

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Answer by Marysia
uhm…. not sure but thats not how Catholics receive the Eucharist.
i would recommend watching how the others do it or ask an usher when you get there.

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Fire Victims Receive Gift of New Home on Eve of 2007 Wildfires Anniversary

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2008

Nearly one year after the fall 2007 wildfires that devastated areas of Southern California, many families are still struggling to get back on their feet. That will soon change for one San Diego family of nine, who will be moving into their new house donated by Envision Homes in partnership with the Rock Church of San Diego. At 10:30 AM Friday, September 26, a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the site of the completed new home, at 16572 Highland Trails Way in Ramona, San Diego, marking a new chapter in the lives of John and Adrienne Oleson and their seven children.

Greg Bradford, CEO of Envision Homes in Central Valley, and Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, made plans shortly after the 2007 wildfires to construct and donate a new house to a family left homeless by the firestorm. “We hope to continue in the rebuilding efforts,” said McPherson, “first with a new house for the Olesons, and secondly by raising awareness for the numerous fire victims that have not fully recovered from their losses.”

The Olesons are longtime residents of Ramona who were between insurance policies when the fires swept through their neighborhood. A committee chose them to receive the free house based on overall need and their record of community service. The new home, which is on the same site as the original house, has approximately 2,100 square feet of living space with four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a loft.

Bradford, who established Envision Homes in 2005 after a successful career as a builder in Central Valley, said he felt deeply moved by the devastation throughout Southern California last fall. He describes being called by God to build a house for a family in need, despite the downturn in the housing market.

“We believe it is our responsibility as community leaders to help those in need and strive to build partnerships with the community to help people get back on their feet,” said Bradford, who established Envision Homes out of a desire to build affordable homes without sacrificing quality. The organization is committed to excellence, and strives to serve the community through its philanthropic efforts. Envision Homes was one of the first to respond to the wildfire rebuild efforts and continues to work towards meeting the needs of the many families affected. Please visit for more details.

The Rock Church moved into its new home on Aug. 26, 2007 at Liberty Station in Point Loma, where Pastor McPherson is known for his “Do Something” approach to evangelism and ministry. During the October firestorm, the Rock acted as an evacuation site for fire victims, and then expanded to a fully functioning supply and distribution center due to the large amount of donations by the church and community members. Visit for more information.