Where can I purchase a church pew for my own personal use?

Question by TOUCH MY PIGTAILS AND DIE!: Where can I purchase a church pew for my own personal use?
I thought it might be nice to sit out on the porch in my own pew once the weather cools down.

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Answer by Alex B. Linux…Fap to Traps
I’m sure Walmart, eBay, or Craigslist will have one…If they don’t NO ONE DOES

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Where does one purchase the pens found in church pews?

Question by : Where does one purchase the pens found in church pews?
The cheap little ones that have like a 2″ long barrel (that’s what she said) and no cap.

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Answer by mike1942f
Well, the churches I have attended use the 4″ long stub pencils sold in boxes already sharpened for golf scoring and forms fill out. A pen only 2″ long would only be functional as a key chain item like this http://www.epromos.com/product/8819781.html and take off the chain and cap – note it is 3″ So ask places that print promotional items.
Or ask at a church that uses them.

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