Puerto Varas Church, Chile

Puerto Varas Church, Chile
Church names
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The Roman Catholic Sacred Heart of Jesus Church towers above Puerto Varas. It was built by German Jesuit missionaries in 1918, and a notice beside the Church says it’s a copy of the baroque church at Marienkirche in the Black Forest. But further investigation suggests that, although there are many German churches named after St Marien, there’s no such actual place in Germany as a whole let alone the Black Forest. I’ve found two German churches named after St Marien, one in the Black Forest and one further north:

There’s a Marienkirche in the little village of Ettenheim in the Black Forest. There’s a photo of it in the first note below and you can read about it (again in German) here.

There was once a Marienkirche in Bremen in north Germany. It looked a bit like the Chilean Church. There’s a photo of it in the second note below and you can read about it (in German) here.

If you know of any other Marienkirches that may have served as a pattern for the Church in Puerto Varas please add a note – preferably with a picture.

Praise the Day in Puerto Vallarta

Praise the Day in Puerto Vallarta

Like most modern cities of any size today, Puerto Vallarta provides ample opportunities to experience cultural diversity in a variety of ways. Visitors and locals enjoy fine cuisine from all corners of the globe, they catch international sporting events playing on some television somewhere, and they sing unfamiliar songs off key and in a language they don’t speak at the local karaoke bars. It’s all available, just outside the door of your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental. And that includes worship.

A little prayer never hurts . . .
If you’re any kind of tourist at all, you have heard of and perhaps visited the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe – it’s a local landmark that figures prominently on all the maps. More important to local celebrants, it’s a house of worship where those who observe the Catholic traditions gather on Sundays and holy days. Ah – but you’re not Catholic? That may not be a problem for you in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s true that the city has an abundance of Catholic churches and you are welcome to celebrate in any one of them. If you want to hear mass in English in a real church, go to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Or you can take a walk on the wild side and hear mass in Spanish. (The Westin Regina and the Sheraton offer services in English, as well.)
The First Baptist Church at Argentina 181 offers Sunday services in English as well as in Spanish.
You can find the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Emiliano Zapata 420; they have a number of services on Sunday mornings.
If you are looking for a Christian service with no particular slant, you can join the folks at Calvary Chapel (Pablo Picasso 105) on Sunday evenings for a service in English, or sit in on one at the Westin Regina on Sunday morning.
The Jehovah’s Witnesses meet at Libramiento 244, and you can take part in the English-language services at Christ Church by the Sea at 10 on Sundays (60 Puerto Iguana in Marina Vallarta).
Mexico doesn’t really have a large Jewish community, so you’re unlikely to find a synagogue outside of Mexico City.

You’ll probably want to check with the staff at your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental to confirm the times for services, especially if you are particular about English. Still, it’s nice to know that you’ll have a number of chances to gather with others on Sunday morning (or evening) to celebrate the day in a way that is familiar – or entirely new – to you.

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