Coast to Coast AM (C2C) June 3 Prophecy of the Popes Hour 4

Date: 06-03-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Tom Horn, Alex Jones Author and publisher with a specialty in End Times and prophecy, Tom Horn, discussed his new research on the prophecy of the Popes, and how 2012 will be the fulfillment of St. Malachy’s prediction that the Catholic Church will see one final Pope before its destruction. Almost 900 years ago, the Irish seer, St. Malachy, came to Rome and “suddenly had this frenzied vision in which he wrote down the descriptives of every Pope that would ever exist from his day to the final Pope,” Horn reported. According to Malachy’s prophesied list, the next Pope after the current one (Pope Benedict) will be the last one, #112. This final Pope, Petrus Romanus (or Peter the Roman) will lead the Church into the great tribulation period and the destruction of Rome. Some Catholic mystics believe he will be an infiltrator under Satanic control. Evangelical prophecy refers to this person as the “False Prophet” who helps to usher in the Antichrist, Horn continued. If an Italian is voted in as the next Pope, that could be the fulfillment of Malachy’s prophecy, Horn noted, adding that a number of church scholars going back hundreds of years have cited 2012 as the year when the False Prophet emerges. This timing coincides with other prophetic material such as from the Mayans, and Cherokee, as well as the Kabbalah’s Zohar book, which named 2012 as the year when the Messiah returns, he detailed. Further, in 1951, a French Jesuit named Rene

Prophecy predicts Benedict to change his name

See Full Video at Benedict will change his name to a new Papal name. Since reformation times it was understood that the beast in Revelation 17 Represented the church and state system in Europe. In 1798 Napoleon hated the church and decreed it dead captured Pius VI and he died at the hands of the French. Three phases are described in Revelation 17 regarding the beast 1. Was 2. Is not 3. Yet is Was- 1798 ended Papal rule over the kings of Eruope “Is Not” After 1798 there is mentioned 7 kings 1. Pius 2. Leo 3. Gregory 4. Benedict 5. John 6. Paul 7. John Paul During this phase the Pope’s lost their control over the kings of the earth, no church and state to enforce church doctrines. “yet is” Under the 8th Papal name this Pope regains control over the kings of the earth as church and state unite to enforce church doctrine. This pope starts out with one of the 7 Papal names but changes his name to an 8th Papal name to show his new Power status in the world. Mystery Babylon sits on the 7 heads, Mystery is a Greek word meaning secret. To understand this secret one must understand Ancient Babylon. Ancient Babylon had 36 gods they counted them like this 1+2+3 etc all the way to 36 totally 666 this number was given to the sun god. Mystery Babylon sits on 7 Papal name’s. the first name used after 1798 is PIus there are 12 individuals using that name counting 1+2+3 all the way to 12 we get count 78, next there is Leo there are 13 Pope’s named leo on the

Antichrist and the Beast System – Bible Prophecy Time Limits – BibleOrTraditions

The Beast of Revelation 13, the horn of Daniel 7 were given a time commission to do their dreadful deeds. Revelation 11:2 and Daniel 7:25 tell us this time factor was to tread upon the saints of God. As we have learned in our studies, the Roman Catholic church hierarchy, and specifically the popes, did exactly this. (keywords: pope papacy rome roman catholic church 1260 42 months times dividing of a time revelation bible prophecy antichrist beast 13 daniel 7 BibleOrTraditions )