welling up promotional video

advertising an event coming up july 31, 2009 at blue valley baptist church in overland park ks. the event was coordinated by a team of students who are hoping to raise awareness about the water crisis and do what we can to make a difference by raising money to provide impoverished people with clean water.
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Soul Survivor Promotional Advertisement

My Youth Leader came to me and asked me to make a promotional video advertising Soul Survivor to the young people in our church because she thought the one that soul survivor sends wasn’t that great 😛 Soul Survivor is a Christian Festival aimed at young people that takes place for three weeks in the English Westcountry. This one was shot at the Bath and West Showground. My soul survivor film =] all content produced and made by Benjamin Gabb. Audio (aka soundtrack) is “Run” written and performed by Hillsong taken from the album “This is our God”. Hopefully they won’t mind me borrowing it. Featuring a bunch of the youth from The Mustard Tree Community Church in Longwell Green, Bristol. A few from Suburbs Church in Cadbury Heath, Bristol. And a bunch from St Annes Church in Oldland, Bristol. Footage of some of the leaders (Mike Pilivachi, Andy Croft) of soul survivor taken, hopefully they won’t mind.

Church promotional slogan

Church promotional slogan
Church advertising
Image by Toban Black
In front of a church — facing car drivers

These four "f"s didn’t work on me. I won’t be going to the church beside this sign.

I’ve only skimmed the web site mentioned on the sign (so that I could comment on it in a note on the photo).

The "why they hate us" tag on this photo is associated with this web site –