Im doing a project on the sleeping apostles. What does it depict?

Question by Casey M: Im doing a project on the sleeping apostles. What does it depict?
i colored a stained glass pictures named the sleeping apostles. what does it depict. hint- it is the transfiguration window (right panel) st cuthberts church in lancashire

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Answer by eatonwrite
on the night he was betrayed, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemine, asking his disciples to stay awake and keep a lookout. Jesus was said to be sweating blood. the disciples fell asleep.

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127 Watches: The Story Behind the Project

Join us on a journey through the incredible story of The 127 Watch Project, and a college ministry that decided to do something about homelessness in Houston! Underground is a college and young adult program at Second Baptist Church 19449 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77449 Thursday’s @ 8pm! Special thanks to Katy Furniture ( for helping make this happen.
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1944 Project X “Gehlen: Spy of the Century” German Protestant Church infiltrates OSS, MI5

Gott Mit Uns: CIA – Nazis in CIA, How the Cold War Began from Jason Brumfeld EH Cookridge’s 1971 biography, “Gehlen: Spy of the Century.” “The Protestant Reformation.” Religion, 16th century. – Lutheran Nazism – Apostolic Apologetics “In 1932 the Protestant church came under the influence of the Nazi movement … The Diakonisches Werk (run by the Lutheran Church) still uses the symbol. . “In 1932 the Protestant church came under the influence of the Nazi movement called “German Christians” (Bewegung Deutscher Christen, also called “Stormtroopers of Jesus”) and lead by the founder, Rev. Joachim Hossenfelder. This movement represented Hitler’s “Positive Christianity” views and lawfully encoded into the Nazi “constitution.” Hitler tried to force regional Protestant churches to merge into the Protestant Reich Church. Protestant churches throughout Germany participated in the movement but Hitler’s union of the churches failed because of in-church bickering. Only one visibly apparent church remains in Germany that shows distinctive markings of Positive Christianity, a reminder of how Christianity and Nazism mixed together during the Nazi regime.”1 MOST SECRET: 1944 «PROJECT X» SOE – British MI5 infiltrated by Soviet super spy Rudolf Abel? ————————————————- The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England Ministry of Economic Warfare Special Operations Executive: Group C, Scandinavia: Registered Files NORWAY MOST SECRET 7th April,1944 Under
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The message Project 365(2) Day 286

The message Project 365(2) Day 286
Church advertising
Image by Keith Williamson
My friend Pete may remember a certain Headteacher from the school where we both worked. He was small, wore glasses, had a very insincere grin on his face and was nicknamed “oily”. Say no more!

One day oily had a bright idea. It would be good if all of our lessons started in the same way – a consistent approach was how he described it.

At the start of each lesson the children were meant to give “the message”. This was to indicate to the teacher that they were ready for work.

Obviously this made a great impact on me because I am struggling to remember what exactly the message was.

By comparison, the message outside the parish church in Bigastro is a lot clearer. It tells us that the children of the town are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The poster is advertising the communion classes for 2010 – 2011 but why?

Over 70% of Spaniards claim to be Catholic but only 14% say they regularly go to mass. Added to which, the government has passed some radical laws to permit abortion and single sex marriages. These facts have not gone down well at the Vatican hence the recent visit by the Pope.

Fearful of a dwindling congregation in the future, I imagine the local church is attempting to drum up trade and do its bit. The problem is that communion costs the parents an awful of of money.

New York Construction Magazine Honors JRS Architect, P.C. Bank Project

Mineola, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2007

JRS Architect, P.C. has been honored by McGraw-Hill’s New York Construction magazine for its unique architectural design for Madison National Bank’s branch in Merrick, NY.

The architectural firm, which has offices in Long Island, New York City and New Jersey, received the Award of Merit in the retail category in the publication’s Best Of 2007 winners, which was voted on by a jury of industry leaders. The award was presented today.

“It’s always gratifying to receive recognition for our work and we are especially proud of our work for Madison National Bank,” said John R. Sorrenti, F.A.I.A., President of JRS. “Awards, such as this New York Construction’s Award of Merit, inspire us to accomplish even greater things in the future.”

JRS, one of the nation’s leading bank architectural and design firms, created a unique design that serves as a cornerstone to the brand image of Madison National Bank, which was opened its doors earlier this year. The design was based upon Madison National Bank’s vision to have their bank reflect a warm and inviting environment.

“The bank’s founders wanted something that was different, eye catching and reminiscent of old world design, coupled with the benefits of the latest building technology and products,” said Sorrenti.

The firm designed an almost 3,700-square foot branch with a towering brick chimney, high sloping roof and turreted vestibule that allows it to stand out on Merrick’s busy streetscape.

JRS’ design for the bank was based on American revival architecture of the mid to late 19th Century, a style called Richardson Romanesque and named after architect Henry Hobson Richardson, whose masterpiece is Trinity Church in Boston. Richardson’s style is characterized by massive stone walls and dramatic semicircular arches over windows and entranceways, rounded towers with conical roofs whose counterpoint resides in the dynamism of interior space. To create an open, inviting and warm interior, JRS used a cathedral ceiling supported by Queen Ann trusses, a burning fireplace, wrought iron bronze chandeliers and red and gold floral carpeting and upholstered chairs.

About JRS Architect, P.C.:

JRS Architect, P.C., with offices in Mineola, NY, New York City, and Princeton, NJ, has grown from six people since its establishment in 1986 to more than 50 today serving New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It has developed design expertise in the corporate, financial, healthcare, educational and institutional, hospitality and public-spaces, and retail markets. For the past four years, the firm has ranked within Interior Design Magazine’s list of 100 Interior Design Giants and the last three years has ranked within the top 40 Healthcare Design Giants. For more information about JRS Architect, P.C., call (516) 294-1666 or visit


VOENA Children’s Choir to Perform Benefit Concert for The Heifer Project at Community Congregational Church in Benicia

Benicia, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2007

VOENA presents the “Voices of Many Lands” tour, celebrating the joyous songs of spring where favorites such as “You Raise Me Up” and “Prayer of The Children” are originally performed in a splash of color. This is a rare opportunity to see this well-known children’s choir in the intimate setting of Community Congregational Church. Concert proceeds will benefit The Heifer Project.

Presented in a style the director Annabelle Marie calls, “physical singing,” VOENA returns to Benicia after an astounding year that took them from the World Expo in Japan — where they dazzled international audiences — to their magical performance at the 2005 Pageant of Peace at the White House. VOENA, representing up to 35 cultures, with 100+ voices ranging in age from 6 to 18, achieves rich and inventive a cappella vocal arrangements by using multiple percussion instruments, dance and theatrical elements. VOENA will take you on a magical journey celebrating the many cultures around the world and recognizing that the true spirit of unity is understood in any language.

While the VOENA story is remarkable enough — the talent, passion and vision of Founder and Director Annabelle Marie is truly extraordinary. In 1994, a friend suggested that she involve her two children in a concert she was preparing at Cal State Hayward. Inspired by the suggestion, she decided to “involve a lot of kids.” She advertised a free children’s concert and held auditions at area schools and throughout the city. The event was successful and parents were so enthusiastic, that Annabelle agreed to continue the choir, which has grown steadily — a testament to her dedication, the quality of the music, and the ongoing commitment of the children and parents.

VOENA is now 110 children strong with members ranging from the age of 6 through 18. This multi-ethnic choir performs a cappella vocal arrangements using multiple percussion instruments, dance and theatrical elements. Their musical repertoire includes folk music from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. The children sing classical, pop and sacred songs in more that 20 languages representing the ethnicities of the choir including Swahili, Japanese, Russian, Navajo, Hebrew, Mexican, Armenian, Persian, Irish, African-American, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, French, Hawaiian, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Filipino, Tamil, Australian, Colombian, Venezuelan, Portuguese, East Indian, Native American, Swiss and Malay.

Most of the children join VOENA without an previous choir experience. There are no auditions; if the child has the desire to be in the choir, he or she is accepted. Annabelle Marie says that “Any child with the commitment and desire to sing can be in VOENA.” There are four divisions within the choir: preparatory, intermediate, concert and concert ensemble.

This choir has performed for the Pope, The President of the United States of America, toured through Europe and Japan and their debut of their Valentine’s Day Concert at The Majestic Theatre in Benicia sold out the historic 380-seat venue.

VOENA is a musical experience filled with Latin rhythms, melodies from the Orient, beats from the hood, and harmonies from everywhere. It’s a coming together of dissonances from far away lands and the celebration of new accords. It is VOENA — it is powerful, it is beautiful, it is the voice of virtue — it is the hope sought by all and sung by children.

About Heifer International:

Founded in 1944, Heifer International is a humanitarian assistance organization that works to end world hunger and protect the earth. Through livestock, training and “passing on the gift” Heifer has helped seven million families in more that 125 countries improve their quality of life and move toward greater self reliance. Heifer helps build strong communities because each project participant agrees to pass on the gift of animal offspring, training or skills to another family in need. For more information on Heifer International go to

This concert is sponsored by the Social Outreach Committee at Community Congregational Church, United Church of Christ and is made possible by the generous donations of VOENA and Red Dragonfly Productions. Concert proceeds will be donated to The Heifer Project.

Community Congregational Church, United Church of Christ present

2006/2007 Third Annual Artist Series


“Voices of Many Lands”

A Benefit Concert for The Heifer Project

Saturday, May 19, 2007

7:30 pm

General Admission

Community Congregational Church, United Church of Christ

1305 West 2nd Street

Benicia, CA 94510


online at

Bookshop Benicia 856 Southampton Blvd Benicia, CA

Call 707.771.0140 for information


ChurchNet USA Develops Project Outreach

ChurchNet USA Church and Faith-Based Organization Services and Solutions

Orlando, FL (Vocus) July 27, 2010

ChurchNet USA, a full-service resource center for churches and faith-based organizations, is excited to announce their new program developed to meet the revolving needs of start-up churches and faith-based organizations. The new program, Project Outreach, includes free consultation and outreach ministry resources designed to help grow church outreach programs nationwide.

“Our new program helps guide churches in the right direction,” said Efrain Rodriguez, CEO of ChurchNet USA. “Simply put, if churches want to reach more people, they need to start reaching out. Project Outreach will help them do so.”

Project Outreach is about helping churches and faith-based organization start outreach ministry programs that will increase church membership, help followers in the community, condition the heart to be receptive for spiritual outreach and make it easier to receive grants and financial support to fund the different outreach programs.

Many of today’s churches would like to start or add more church outreach programs and Christian ministry initiatives to help engage their community and members more, but struggle with how to do so. By implementing a successful outreach program, churches will help attract and give help to needy individuals, build relationships and share the faith within their community.

Through Project Outreach, ChurchNet USA assists churches with the planning and implementation of church outreach programs along with legal structure, 501c3 tax exemption, funding solutions such as: faith-based grants, corporate sponsorships and more. Some of the most popular and successful Project Outreach programs that are easy to implement with limited resources include:

-Healthy Living Support Group

-Entrepreneurs & Job Search Workshop

-Youth Programs

-Cooking Classes

-Family Life Center

“We have designed Project Outreach to help churches experience a growth in not only church attendance and monetary income, but also a revived interest in expanding the scope of the church’s vision,” said Melanie Swift, Director of Non Profit Services for ChurchNet USA.

About ChurchNet USA

Founded in 2004, ChurchNet USA serves as an all-encompassing resource center for faith-based organizations and churches nationwide. Their mission is to provide affordable services, valuable church resources and flexible solutions to faith-based organizations, enabling them to successfully start-up and grow. For more information visit: