Free Antidepressant Prescribed On Authors Website

Romeoville, IL. (PRWEB) December 15, 2009

In a move going against the recommendations of his marketing staff, author P. E. Calhoun announced today on his website — — the description and process for releasing the free all-natural antidepressant found in our bodies described in his book, 7 Facets of God. This information had previously been used as part of a marketing campaign for 7 Facets of God.

“These times are painful for everyone and holiday blues aren’t helping the people who are suffering the most,” said P. E. Calhoun. Later posting on his website at, “I would rather help others for free then put a price on ‘relief from suffering’.”

When asked about the timing for this post, Mr. Calhoun said timing was due to the hopelessness he see’s in people this holiday season adding that not everybody wants an IPOD or a Droid. He further commented saying, “Some people just want hope.”

About P. E. Calhoun

P. E. Calhoun is the author of 7 Facets of God. Grew up in an abusive home environment and overcame the challenges it provided to write 7 Facets of God. Having overcome, he shares his life learning’s with others who are struggling. He continually seeks challenges which require insightful out-of-the-box perspectives resulting in the most creative solutions. Regularly attends Calvary Church in Naperville Illinois, with a congregation of over 10000 people where he has volunteered as a camera operator since 2004. He has worked eclectically in such industries as the medical industry, transportation industry, and most recently the electronics industry as a Test Engineer.

Contact Information:

Paul Calhoun, author of 7 Facets of God

(630) 885-8237