Nazaré (Portugal) http Slideshow, video and photos JT(Porto-Portugal) A stunning beach, typical fishermen houses and steep cliffs. Praia (along the beach) O Sítio (the old town, on a hilltop) Pederneira (on another hilltop) Church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré New harbour Nazaré Funicular A Nazaré é uma vila portuguesa no distrito de Leiria, região Centro e subregião do Oeste, com cerca de 10 100 habitantes. A stunning beach, typical fishermen houses and steep cliffs over a bright blue sea have made this fishing town become a popular holiday resort, mainly due to its traditional character. According to legend, the city derives its name from a statue of the Virgin Mary brought here by a monk in the 4th century from Nazareth, Palestine. It has become a popular tourist attraction, advertising itself as a picturesque seaside village. Located on the Estramaduran coast of the Atlantic, it has long sandy beaches (considered by some to be among the best beaches of Portugal) that are crowded with tourists in the summer. The city used to be known for its traditional costumes worn by the fishermen. Their wives were dressed in black, wearing the traditional headscarf and embroidered aprons over seven flannel skirts in different colours. These dresses can still occasionally be seen. The city consists of three sections : A Praia (along the beach), O Sítio (the old town, on a hilltop) and Pederneira (on another hilltop). The A Praia and O Sítio areas are linked by the Nazaré
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