Prosper Texas…Why So Popular

Prosper Texas…Why So Popular

Prosper Texas…Why So Popular


While some of this is old hat to some of you Prosperites,  I recently wrote this article for publication on certain websites in an effort to attract  potential homebuyers from out of state…except the title was Why Live in Prosper Texas.  And, by the way, Prosper soon will have its very own Starbucks.



Why are so many people talking about Prosper Texas as a place to live?  One reason is its proximity to Dallas now that the Dallas North Toll road is open from downtown Dallas to Prosper…a 36 mile treck.  And, Prosper is now only 10 minutes to Frisco, 20 minutes to McKinney, and 30

 minutes to Denton and 35 minutes to Dallas!  A new Prosper Awareness campaign to be launched this spring is named “All Roads Lead to Prosper”.  But proximity is only one reason.


The Town of Prosper is an attractive town in the northern part of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  It is a place that is very desirable to live, work and play.  When residents are asked what it is that they like about Prosper, it is usually the rural character of the Town with ample open space that brought them here in the first place.  The country feel is also an extremely important quality of the Town that residents wish to see retained and preserved. The current population is about 7100…only 2500 five years ago!


So, Prosper has the country feel but is only 15 minutes away from all the shopping, restaurants and entertainment you would want.  Most residents commute to work in an urban setting but come home to the “country”.  Prosper is blessed with peace and serenity and as our mayor says “people wave to you as they pass in their car or pick-up.”  No traffic jams, honking horns or drive by shootings.  And, on that note, Prosper boasts a brand new Fire House centrally located with all the high technology available.  Its Police Department recently expanded and is now ready for the population growth predicted for the next decade.  For more information on Prosper go to



Another important reason people are moving to Prosper is the outstanding school system…3A School District, A TEA “Recognized” District.  Its four elementary schools are all rated Exemplary.  A new 21st century high school will open in the fall of 2009.  The million new Prosper High School facility has a student capacity of 1500 students. For more info on the schools go to



We do not want to leave out Friday night football as another reason to live in Prosper.  The Prosper Eagles beat the Waco La Vega Pirates at the Texas Stadium to win the 2008 Class 3A Regional II Division 9 state finals!


I didn’t mean to put football ahead of God.  However, Prosper has some incredible churches.  Its masterpiece would have to be the Prosper United Methodist Church located where else but on Church street.  Built in 1926 this church is absolutely beautiful with hardwoods, hand made wood pews, a giant ceiling and stained glass throughout. It looks like, smells like and sounds like a church.  Prosper has 2 Baptist churches, an Episcopal church (not built yet), a Presbyterian church and the Lighthouse Community Church.


Prosper boasts its own private Gentle Creek Golf Club ranked 12th in Texas last year.  Designed by D.A. Weibring Gentle Creek Golf Club is absolutely beautiful with a huge lake in the middle, rolling hills, trees and wild life.


We have left the best for last.  Prosper has the most wonderful selection of custom homes in several different subdivisions.  Many have 1 acre lots which are hard to find in the Metroplex.  Some of the most exquisite places to live are Gentle Creek, Whitley Place, Whispering Farms, Saddle Creek and Whispering Meadows.


So, what’s not to like about Prosper Texas? 

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More Popular Than Jesus Christ?

More Popular Than Jesus Christ?

This week, the Vatican officially forgave John Lennon for his comment in 1966 to a London newspaper about the Beatles being more famous than Jesus Christ. Recognizing that this was a youthful boast of a young man who had suddenly come into enormous popularity and fame, the Vatican’s newspaper went on to praise the band and their contribution to music and culture.

This was 42 years ago and Christians all over the world reacted with great indignation, having “Beatles burning parties” where albums and Beatles paraphernalia were tossed into the fire in protest. These bonfires were especially popular in the United States, especially in the southern states, where some young evangelist would denounce the band as a “tool of Satan” to encourage their young people to join in the event. I remember watching those bonfires on the nightly news in Houston, Texas, when I was seven years old. And I actually remember, when I was stationed in England in the Air Force, a friend telling me that the Beatles were all demon-possessed. I did not believe it then and I do not believe it today. I was then, and am still, a big Beatles fan.

The real problem with all the hype then is that John Lennon was absolutely correct. Not only were the Beatles more famous, they were also more popular than Jesus Christ. At least the real Jesus Christ. The real Jesus Christ makes demands on people. He is not a “live and let live” type of God. And He is not okay with a lot of the stuff we do because a lot of the stuff we do is called “sin”. John Lennon said, “All you need is love”. Jesus made, and still makes, tougher demands on us. Jesus even defines what constitutes true, sincere love. Loving your neighbor as yourself, getting up in the middle of the night to give our neighbor a loaf of bread, protecting those least able to protect themselves, giving your life away and living a life where “whether you eat, or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Those little things called the Ten Commandments? Jesus kind of meant them. But you say, “Wait a minute. Jesus wasn’t even born then.” Well, if Jesus is called the Son of God (Luke 1:35, 1 Corinthians 1:9), was crucified because he made himself equal with God (John 5:18, Philippians 2:6), and without Him nothing was made that was made (John 1:3), I guess you could say that Jesus was God incarnate (John 1:1), or God in human flesh. So, Jesus, being God, gave Moses the Ten Commandments. After all, God said in the beginning. “”Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…” (Genesis 1:26) He was not speaking in the “royal ” vernacular. Basic theology teaches God in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All three are separate, individual personalities. And all three are completely, 100% God.

Notice that they are not called the “Ten Suggestions for a Happy, Healthy Life”, even though if you follow them that will probably be the result. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not overtly desire your neighbor’s stuff. Do not commit adultery. Do not murder. Treat you parents with honor and respect. Honor God and the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. Not exactly about feelings and happiness, is it?

Jesus not only makes demands on our actions in life, He gets audacious to take it a bit further to make it about our thoughts and motives. Why we do something is equally important as to doing the deed itself. He equates lust with the actual act of adultery. Feelings were not exactly a high priority on what Jesus spoke about. And He never once said, “If you feel like it…”

John Lennon only made it about what we did and felt. He even said “Imagine there’s no heaven, It’s easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people, Living for today”. He said, “All you need is love”. He said, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” Those directions are easy to follow. Especially since there are no commands to actually do anything. Live however you like as long as you have good, positive feelings towards those around you.

As Christians, we get our dander up pretty easily about some of the dumbest things. I recall another friend telling me about a time when he was struggling with his relationship with God and he went to his pastor to complain about God. In the conversation, he made some comment about the people in the church, and although his pastor would not defend God’s honor (not that God’s honor ever needs to be defended), he rose up quickly to defend his people’s honor. He thought that was a bit strange.

The Christians in the United States back in 1966 were a large part of the Beatlemania crowd and did not want one part of their society (John Lennon) talking down about another part of their society (Jesus). It’s kind of like family. I can talk about my family, but you better not. They just got their feeling hurt. And they reacted like hurt people rather than look inside and see if what was being said contained at least a particle of truth.


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Breath Of Heaven contemporary Christian popular Gospel church music songs piano

Visit Breath Of Heaven was composed by Chris Eaton and popularized by well know Gospel artist Amy Grant. it has also been recorded by such notables as Jessica Simpson and Vince Gill. Also know as “Mary’s song” it’s a beautiful, reflective piece celebrating the birth of Jesus. We hope you enjoy our performance of it. Lark and Spur. Visit http

Why is Christian Rock Music so Popular?

Why is Christian Rock Music so Popular?

“Christian Rock”, the genre often scoffed at by traditional rock artists, enthusiasts & critics alike is gaining popularity and stamping its place as a sort after genre for the young generation of head-banging, mosh-pitting gurus! Didn’t Christian rock die a couple of years ago, you ask? Christian rock music is growing faster than ever before with Daily News of Christian Rock Music, new artists & albums streaming across the Internet and pumping the airways continuously every day. So where did this religious music come from? I mean this is new right?

This type of rock music wasn’t around 20 years ago, was it? Well I didn’t think so until recently, the reality is Christian music or should I say Christian rock music has been around seemingly since the dawn of creation! So why seeing it today all the time? Where were the God Rocker’s for so long and what happened to the voice of damnation for those participating in anything other than a church hymn or Sunday school choir? The chastity belt of today’s Christian rock is alive and kicking. There are many religious organisations who oppose this form of music, I will talk more about this opposition later.

Most Christians are in favor of this “movement” feeling that Christian rock music is another way to reach people with the importance of the Christian faith. So why the controversy?, what is so different about Non-Christian rock music in comparison to Christian rock? Many have asked this question and instead of quoting Mr. Bob Dylan “the answer is blowing in the wind”, I thought I would analyze the facts and see why there is so much “opposition” to the sounds of “thumping grace”. After reviewing many rock & heavy metal music bands and performances and then compared them to their Christian counterparts, I did see differences but not many! The stage performance was very similar with the exception of Non-Christian heavy metal revealing more of a dark or sadistic side at times in general there was little if no difference in presentation from Christian rock to standard or Non-Christian music. The only real difference I could see was in the lyrical content, with Christian rock music singing words from the Bible and preaching family values.

So why was Christian rock music introverted for so many years, seemingly hiding in the shadows from more upright members of the Christian community? Well apparently they weren’t hiding at all, it’s just that I like many people didn’t even know they were around back then! Good old fashioned Christian rock bands like Petra, Stryper, Bloodgood, Whitecross and Tourniquet have been rocking Christians and secular music lovers alike for generations.

The voice of rock damnation is still screaming louder than ever in some Christian circles although seemingly falling on deaf ears of a Christian Rocker community that grows bigger every day. Who opposes this Christian liberation? Who else but other Christians! It seems some segments of who have not advanced to modern day sounds are Bible bashing these Christian rock music head bangers with eternal consequences for their “misguidance”. The most dramatic example I came across was the seventh day adventist (SDA) church who proclaim that Christian rock music is quote “Devil music”. The seventh day adventist church preach that all rock music has the “beat of the devil” borrowed from primate heathen rituals, beating in time with the body’s “natural rhythms”. I found it hard to believe that people could think this way at first, but indeed it is true and the SDA church is serious about stamping out any and all rock music, or anything for that matter that has a drum beat!

Sam J Wilkinson works as a volunteer designer of the Christian Rock Music Site, which has up to date information about Christian music & artistis, aswell as other Christian music scene news & events.