Coast to Coast AM (C2C) June 3 Prophecy of the Popes Hour 4

Date: 06-03-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Tom Horn, Alex Jones Author and publisher with a specialty in End Times and prophecy, Tom Horn, discussed his new research on the prophecy of the Popes, and how 2012 will be the fulfillment of St. Malachy’s prediction that the Catholic Church will see one final Pope before its destruction. Almost 900 years ago, the Irish seer, St. Malachy, came to Rome and “suddenly had this frenzied vision in which he wrote down the descriptives of every Pope that would ever exist from his day to the final Pope,” Horn reported. According to Malachy’s prophesied list, the next Pope after the current one (Pope Benedict) will be the last one, #112. This final Pope, Petrus Romanus (or Peter the Roman) will lead the Church into the great tribulation period and the destruction of Rome. Some Catholic mystics believe he will be an infiltrator under Satanic control. Evangelical prophecy refers to this person as the “False Prophet” who helps to usher in the Antichrist, Horn continued. If an Italian is voted in as the next Pope, that could be the fulfillment of Malachy’s prophecy, Horn noted, adding that a number of church scholars going back hundreds of years have cited 2012 as the year when the False Prophet emerges. This timing coincides with other prophetic material such as from the Mayans, and Cherokee, as well as the Kabbalah’s Zohar book, which named 2012 as the year when the Messiah returns, he detailed. Further, in 1951, a French Jesuit named Rene

Pope’s Legion delegate warns of `shipwreck’

Pope’s Legion delegate warns of `shipwreck’
The papal official running the disgraced Legionaries of Christ has warned that the conservative order faces “certain shipwreck” unless its superiors and members work together to change course following revelations that their founder led a double life.
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An end to Bethlehem’s unholy row | Jill Hamilton
Disputes over ownership of the Church of the Nativity mean it hasn’t been repaired for years. All that may now change This week Mahmoud Abbas confronted yet another impasse in the peace talks with Israel. However, on Monday, when he visited the 1,500 year-old Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem , the alleged birthplace of Christ, he could boast a significant triumph in a longstanding stalemate …
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Video: High Hopes in Wynnewood
A royal visit to a Main Line church recently honored an organization that brings hope to young people and families in Uganda and in the Philadelphia area.
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