Literary Death Match LDM Dublin Ep.4 Stephen James Smith POEM ‘The Gardener’ @ The Workman’s Club

Stephen James Smith POET @ The Literary Death Match Dublin Ep.4 :: 24th June 2011 @ The Workman’s Club Dublin The poem is called ‘The Gardener’. LDM:: Here is a review of the night Stephen is a Dublin based poet and MC of The Glór Sessions. Here are some links for Stephen James Smith:: http The video was filmed by Bob Kelly in difficult conditions! :: June 24, 2011 — While rain showers flooded Dublin, inside The Workman’s Club, the literary stars shined bright-hot, as Stephen James Smith out-near-kissed James Joyce (using a Nerf shotgun with lipstick-tipped darts), narrowly beating co-finalist Virginia Gilbert to win Smith the Literary Death Match crown. But before the first trigger was pulled, the night began with must-read poet Niamh MacAlister charming the audience into applause with a series of poems about growing up in Dublin — one about her hands becoming her mother’s hands. Then up stepped master-performer Smith (curator of The Glór Sessions) who performed a starkly candid poem that gripped the packed house. The mic was then handed to the night’s trio of all-star arbiters, including writer/actor Mark O’Halloran (the writer and co-star of Adam & Paul), actress Kelly Campbell (One Hundred Mornings co-star), and stand-up comedian/conceptual artist Miriam Elia (Sony nominated for her BBC Radio 4

Ascension Day No. 1, a poem by Peter Menkin

Religious and spiritual poem that reflects on a trip to Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA USA with a friend in the year 2000. No. 1 was written in 2008. Aspiring poet Peter Menkin is also known as a “Parish Poet” because his poems appear on the website of and newsletter of Church of Our Saviour (Episcopal), Mill Valley, CA USA. An image of the Church in Mill Valley (north of San Francisco) ends the poem. It was taken by Rick White, Peter’s neighbor who is 77 years old (as of 2008). Rick has 9 children, 20 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. He worked as a travel photographer, and as an advertising agency art director. The first image of the poetry movie is “Bird of Paradise,” taken at Wanshishan Botanical Gardens, Xiamen, Fujian, Chine circa 2007–taken by Rick White.
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