Pioneer Trek Reenactment, Kimbo & Scruffy

My wife and I are committee chairs for a pioneer trek reenactment for our local LDS church this year. We will have around 200 youth and 100 adults going. We will be pulling handcarts, dutch oven cooking, wearing era clothing and sleeping under shelters we build for a few days. My neighbor’s dog enjoyed playing in the water basin for my trees just after I had filled it. He got all muddy so I gave him and Scuffy, both Yorkshire Terriers) a bath in the aluminum tub we are taking on Trek.

Dorcas community celebrates Pioneer Day (with photos)

Dorcas community celebrates Pioneer Day (with photos)
Dorcas residents celebrated Pioneer Day at the Dorcas Baptist Church with plenty of good food, music, and fellowship and a variety of pioneer activities from horse and buggy rides to a grease pole climbing contest. Click here to view a photo gallery…
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Cemetery story is not so simple
There is no question that the cemetery signs have been removed, but that report in the Daily News last week has brought to light a land dispute between two members of a family and a church in Angie. Both claim to own the property.
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