Does your church use pews, chairs, or theater style seats for the service?

Question by David: Does your church use pews, chairs, or theater style seats for the service?
Also if you would i would like to know the type of church and the size of the congregation.

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Answer by Melonie
At my church, (we are a Non Denominational Church) we use simple chairs for our service. We seat close to five hundred in Main-Service, and about/close to 100 in the Junior/Senior High services. We use them so we can remove them, since we have a large staging area and also, the church is a main-rec room when not used as a Service-Hold or a large-grouped concert.

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If church pews have material on them, do they have to match the color of the carpet?

Question by SandyLou: If church pews have material on them, do they have to match the color of the carpet?
My mom has been a member of a small Baptist Church forever…and with remodeling done lately there has been discussion as to whether or not the cushion on the church pews need to match the carpet! Some say it has to match, some say they don’t think so. Is there a right or wrong answer?

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Answer by Lynne W
There’s probably no right or wrong here; it’s taste, and since it’s for a church it should be conservative.

The carpet is probably a tight weave, industrial-type, maybe with flecks of different colors mixed in a base color. If you could find an upholstery fabric that coordinates well with the carpet selection, and hides the wear well, you should be okay. Maybe a small scale print, or just some synthetic with flecks similar to the carpet.

I’d also stand on the pulpit, and look down at the pews, and think about how the selections would look from up there, but that would be after you have a couple of swatches…and they should be good sized swatches.

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How do I hide ugly church pews?

Question by elena: How do I hide ugly church pews?
The church that I want to have my wedding at is perfect in every way – except for the pews in the sanctuary. They are wood with red / burgundy fabric. The wedding colors that we picked do NOT include red and will really clash. We can’t move the pews out of the sanctuary, so I need ideas about how to hide the color of the pews!

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Answer by Coraline
Talk to your pastor about whether or not you would be able to cover the fabric of the pews by tacking another fabric over it for the day. I warn you though, this is probably an expensive quest.

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