Alex Comments About The Catholic Churches Pedophile Case & Dyncorp’s Child Sex-Slave Ring

PMC Business is Violence for Profit. Posted: Sep 3, 2009 4:02 AM (17)DynCorp is a Virginia-based military contractor. DynCorp began in 1946 as a project of a small group of returning World War II pilots seeking to use their military contacts to make a living in the air cargo business. Named California Eastern Airways, the original company was soon airlifting supplies to Asia used in the Korean War. DynCorp, it turns out, is a one of the top private military contractors working for the US government. In addition to allegedly trafficking in under-age sex slaves in Bosnia ( and poisoning rural farmers in Ecuador with its aerial spraying of Colombian coca crops ( Dyncorp just happens to be paid big dollars by the US government to patrol the US / Mexico border, Since the late 1990s, The United States has paid private contractors an estimated .2 billion, both to eradicate coca crops and to assist the Colombian army put down rebels that use the illegal drug trade to finance their insurgency. DynCorp has been awarded under competitive bid more of this business than any other company (18)Edinburgh Risk EI list their offices as being in London and Guernsey (UK), Washington DC (US) Baghdad (Iraq), Kabul (Afghanistan), Khartoum (Sudan) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). They also list “affiliate” offices as being in Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida in the US. EI also has “representative” offices in the British Virgin
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