Local Church Parsonage is Burglarized

Local Church Parsonage is Burglarized

Tom had a master’s degree in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He had attended his undergraduate studies at Vassar College, and then he decided to continue in the wonderful city of Montreal. Although when he was there, he discovered that winters in Montreal were much more difficult than those he had experienced in New York. The city was beautiful around Christmas, especially with a fresh coating of snow over the Christmas lights, but when the high pressure and clear skies moved in, it could be hard to even walk to class. He suffered through it, and spring and summer were always a beautiful time in the city.

He had expected to go on to teach at a high school, hopefully a private one in the United States, and he found the job he was looking for. He got a job at a boarding school where he had to live in the dormitories, but that meant his room and board were free and he had a decent salary. Somewhere along the way he decided that being a school teacher was not his true calling and he wanted to go into the priesthood.

Tom went south this time to the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee and attended the Theological School at Sewanee. It was a beautiful place and although the winters were gray and dreary, they were nowhere near as cold as he had been experienced in New York and Montreal. When he graduated from the seminary, he got a job at an Episcopal church in small town in southeastern Kansas.

A church was the last place that someone would have imagined that a person would need a security system. It was almost unheard of to have security systems in churches because they were supposed to be open to parishioners whenever they needed a place of refuge. Tom was offered a place to live in the Parsonage which was connected to the church. He really enjoyed his new job and the new community. The community had a nostalgic feeling that took him back to the days of his childhood, with drive-in restaurants and roller skating rinks. The people of his congregation were incredibly friendly and he made many friendships quickly and he even found a wonderful woman that he started dating.

Every Sunday at church, the ushers would pass around the collection plates and the parishioners would put what they could to hep fund the church. Some could afford more than others, but even the slightest donation helped and was much appreciated. Tom kept the collections locked in his parsonage until he could go to the bank on Monday.

One Sunday night he went out on a date with his girlfriend and he returned to his home to find it ransacked and his valuable missing, as well as the money that had been collected during the services that day. Tom felt really upset that he had let the church down and he felt reliable in a way. The parishioners assured him that it was not his fault, and many contributed money of their own to help replace his stolen items.

A meeting with the clergy later that month decided that they would install a home security system in the parsonage where he lived, even to the door that connected his with the church. They decided that it would be best if he kept all the valuable things from the church locked inside the house under the protection of the security system. They never did catch the culprits who made off with the belongings, but with everything valuable protected now, they never had a problem like that again.

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