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St. Nicholas Parish Church, Arundel, West Sussex

St. Nicholas Parish Church, Arundel, West Sussex
Image by Mike Cattell
Don’t miss the chance to have a quick look at the parish church of St. Nicholas which dates back to the late 14th century. Surprisingly the church is split in two, serving as the Anglican parish church and the Fitzalan Chapel, the private chapel of the Dukes of Norfolk. The Chapel can only be reached via the castle. Once divided by a brick wall, the two sections are now only divided by a screen which is occasionally opened.

St Monans Parish Church

St Monans Parish Church
St Church
Image by Santa Cruiser
It is often said that St Monans is the church nearest the sea in the whole of Scotland, and this may well be the case, being only around 20m from the edge. The church, one of the finest remaining from the Middle Ages in Scotland, was built by King David II Bruce (1329-71), initially for a small house of Dominican friars. It later became the Church of Scotland parish church. Though the church may never have been finished (it has a choir and transepts, with a short spire over the crossing, but lacks a nave), it has many features of architectural interest, notably the fine stone vaulting in the choir and the plain but handsome sedilia. White-washed throughout internally, the church is particularly light and attractive among ancient Scottish churches.

South Leith Parish Church

South Leith Parish Church
Church furniture
Image by leithlightingfan
There are several lighting columns in South Leith Parish Church graveyard. This one predates all of the other more modern reproductions. The church and its grounds have been A listed by Historic Scotland since 1970 (though there is no specific mention of any historic lighting columns). The current church was built by Thomas Hamilton in 1848. The cast iron lighting column appears Victorian in style. There is no ladder bar to indicate that the column was originally gas so it could have been introduced to the churchyard in the latter Victorian period as an early electric light.

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