Church camp packing list!?

Question by : Church camp packing list!?
Church camp packing list!?
i want more of a full checklist so i don’t forget ANYTHING.
& i know it’s church camp so it has to be appropriate
but it’s not like i’m wearing shorts down to my knees.
(opinion; this dress– appropriate or not?)

so include a full checklist or close and stuff.
i don’t have a one piece swim suit, so i’m wearing a bikini
and then just a t-shirt over it
no need to buy a new swim suit..

we’re not allowed to have like cell phones or cards or anything.
this is my first year at this particular church camp.
thanks guys.

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Answer by Tay tay Gang
i am not about to write down your list

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Church camp packing…?

Question by Church camp packing…?
Hey 🙂 So i’m going to summer camp with my church at the beachh and i’ve been to church camp before, but I was in like 4th grade. (i’m 15, and a girl, and going into 10th grade btw) Sooooo all the sheet says is that we can’t have spaghetti straps or short shorts. Well I was thinking about wearing alot of athletic shorts cause there not too short (like running shorts, the ones that are coming into style. Not soffees). I also only want to wear tanks and tee-shirts (tight shirts are too sweaty, ewwwww). If y’all have any more ideas pleaseeee tell me 🙂 Bathing suits aren’t a problem cause i have a super cute one piece 🙂 and a rash guard for bikinis. So I guess i’m just asking if y’all wouldn’t mind making me a packing list 🙂 please no rude or offensive answers. Also hair and makeup ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance 🙂

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Answer by Rah Rah
Bring everything you would normally wear during the summer. Those church camp packing lists are rarely enforced as long as it’s not too slutty or overly revealing. And pack something nice like a dress or two and some heels. Bring 2 or 3 toothbrushes in case you drop one in the toilet or something. Take wet wipes and anti-bacterial cleanser (Clorox) and sunscreen. Bring candy too.

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Church summer camp packing list?

Question by tator: Church summer camp packing list?
I am going to a church summer camp need full packing list always forget something need helpnow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAMP STARTS AROUND JUNE 2
I am 12 and a girl

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Answer by Brea
I am a Church Camp Counselor and here is my packing list. Here is my list and it’s for 7 days so you might have to adjust my number a bit and it’s for a girl so if your a boy there’s a few things you can leave out. lol.

9 Shirts (1 for each day plus 2 extra)
2 Jeans
4 Shorts
1 Sweatshirts (It might get colder at night)
Pjs – 2 Shirts; 2 Pants or 2 Shorts
1 Set Of Clothes For Possible Messy Games (Muddy or covered in food)
10 Underwear (Always need extra)
4 Bras
Swim Suits; (Remember 1 piece or tankini only is usually the rule)
10 Pairs of Socks
Tennis Shoes
2 – 3 Flip Flops (We all know how easily they can break)
Wash Cloths
2 Bath Towels
1 Pool Towel
Hair Brush
Hair Pick
Shower Basket (Great to hold all the shower stuff)
Shampoo (Might as well bring the whole bottle for the week)
Conditioner (Might as well bring the whole bottle for the week)
Soap; Gloves
Toothpaste (Whole tube)
Proactive (Or other face wash, bring whole bottle)
Disposable Razors (Depending on how often, maybe a whole package)
Aloe (A must)
Small Mirror
Razor; Charger
Hair Things (Whole package…you will lose a lot and you can share)
Pads (I count out 4 for each day and I add a day or bring a whole new package)
Tampons (Probably a new package as well)
Advil (or whatever you use for cramps)
Chapstick (Maybe 2- 3 tubes if you’re addicted like I am)
Anti-Itch (You will get bug bites)
Sunscreen (Whole bottle, you can share too)
Stick Sunscreen (Great for your face)
Nail Scissors
Nail File
Deodorant (A new stick will do ya)
Back Up Deodorant (Some kid pranked me by stealing mine)
Flashlight / Blue LED Light
Batteries (2 extra sets for each item that uses them)
Camera; Batteries; Charger
Umbrella (A big one for sharing is nice too)
Trash Bags (For wet or dirty clothes)
Big Basket (Use for carrying bedding)
Bibles (As a Counselor I always need extra for kids)
Notebook; Little Notebook
Pens; Pencils; Markers
Dry Erase Markers
Permanent Markers (Great for labeling stuff with your name)
Pencil Cases (I use these to separate and organize all kinds of stuff, Zip-Locks are good too)
Sunglasses (More than one)
Hangers (Great for letting things dry)
Ace Bandage
Knee Brace (If you use a brace bring it)
Band Aides
Alarm Clock (A must, cheap at Wal-Mart of you don’t have one)
Downey Wrinkle Spray (Great for those clothes that aren’t dirty)
Camera Case
Bandanas (My best friend on hot days)
Sheets (1 fitted)
2 Pillows
Comforter (Or sleeping bag)
3 Blankets (I bring extra for campers)
Laundry Basket – Short (Some sizes will not fit under the bunks)
Money (We have a camp store)
Food, pop, candy (Depends on the camp)
Water Bottles
Walkie Talkies? (Great for Capture The Flag)
Blackout Gear (Great for Capture The Flag)

Make Up (Really don’t need it, you will sweat a lot)
Ball Glove
Sports Balls
Bug Spray
Cell Phone

Hope that helps! Don’t worry about bring too much stuff, you’d be surprised how many other kids forget something that they never thought they might need. It’s always nice to have a few extra instead of not enough.

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