p.v. jensen-klint 10, grundtvig memorial church 1913-1940

p.v. jensen-klint 10, grundtvig memorial church 1913-1940
Chairs for church
Image by seier+seier
grundtvig memorial church, copenhagen, denmark 1913-1940.
architect: p.v. jensen-klint.

interior, looking into the nave from the entrance below the tower.

p.v. jensen-klint died nine years before the completion of the nave and his son kaare klint, best known as the father of modern danish furniture design, took over. his church chair became one of his most successful designs and was chosen by sigurd lewerentz for his st petri church in klippan, sweden.


p.v. jensen-klint’s influence extended way beyond the impact of this one building. his polemical writings and teaching resembled contemporary german debate in placing building or bauen above academic architecture (even mies van der rohe was keen on that distinction), and klint was instrumental in the forming of "bedre byggeskik", a society of architects supplying master builders and craftsmen with pattern drawings of good, "anonymous" architecture.

and his brick poetics became very important for the resistance to modernism in denmark – or the alternative modernism which formed here, if you like. except for early jacobsen, the international style played little part in danish architecture until after WWII. even edward heiberg, teacher at the bauhaus, built using exposed brick when working in copenhagen.

after his death, klint’s sons started producing a pleated paper lamp shade, he had designed for his own use. they since invited other architects to develop the design and the company, le klint, still exists today: www.leklint.com

plenty of fine examples of le klint’s later shades on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/jeansw/11070166/in/set-258399/

the jensen-klint set so far.