*** Dear Christian brothers and sisters, please help this video go viral for the sake of the millions deceived by dispensational theology. **** GET THE BEST BIBLE APP FOR IPHONE/IPAD: IT IS CALLED “SCOURBY’S BIBLE NARRATION”… YOU WILL USE IT DAILY! **** Recommend it simply to your friends by telling them to search for the video “4345818”…this video will appear…. Dispensational theology is “another gospel” that Paul warned about. Look it up in wikipedia. You are being taught it without even being told by your pastor! It teaches people that large portions of the Scriptures are NOT for the church! Thats just the beginning…please WATCH…its under 14 minutes… This doctrine is taught by deceived people who are deceiving others. It is built first on the false premises that the appearance of Antichrist begins the day of the Lord, the day of His wrath. To study when the day of His wrath is, go to Revelation chapter 6. Read all the events that have ALREADY taken place in that passage, culminating in the decalration that the day of His wrath is come. Then read Revelation 11 and see at the LAST TRUMP (hello? Is this thing on?) cuminating in verse 18. The 2nd false premise that pre tribulationists think they need to defend is the idea that Christ could return “any moment now” when Matthew 24 is clear on the events prior to the rapture clearly shown in verse 30-31. The false teachers teach that the elect are the unbelieving Jews! Do a word study on the elect and thelection
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