Baltimore: Old Otterbein Church

Baltimore: Old Otterbein Church
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Otterbein Church, now known as Old Otterbein United Methodist Church, at 112 West Conway Street, is the mother church of the United Brethren in Christ and the oldest church edifice still standing in the city of Baltimore.

The present church structure was built in 1785-86 by Jacob Small Jr., and remodeled in 1839. It is a two-story brick Georgian structure with a peaked roof. It features a square bell tower and an octagonal cupla-on-cupola and muc of the original glass remains. The bells date to 1789.

The church’s origins date to 1771, when a German Evangelical Reformed Church was organized and a temporary chapel erected to house the congregation. In 1774, Philip William Otterbein (1726-1813), who immigrated from Germany in 1751 as a missionary, accepted the post of pastorate. In 1789 the first the Conference of United Brethren preachers was held and resulted in the official organization of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, with Pastor Otterbein as a bishop. Otterbein is buried in the churchyard and a monument was placed over his grave in 1913.

National Register of Historic Places #69000324 (1969)