Pastor and Editor of Landmark Book Detailing the Testimonies of 23 Former Homosexuals Responds to the Oscar Nominated Movie “Brokeback Mountain”

Springfield, MA (PRWEB) January 31, 2006

The movie “Brokeback Mountain” details a long-term relationship between two cowboys who fall in love, marry women and start families of their own. Over the years, the two homosexuals carry on a relationship and use camping and fishing trips to carry sexual relations.

The movie’s message is in unison with what the gay lobby in America has espoused for years, that society forces men into “down low” behavior because of their prejudice against gays. The inference is that the cowboys could have lived an openly gay life if America had accepted the behavior.

Reverend Talbert W. Swan, II, pastor of the Solid Rock Church of God in Christ in Indian Orchard, MA, doesn’t agree with the content or the intent of the movie. “This is another attempt by homosexual activists, with assistance from Hollywood to portray gays as victims and to silence anyone opposed to their behavior by gaining the empathy of moviegoers” said Swan.

Swan contends that the question is not whether or not gay men can be masculine or rugged like cowboys or if their so-called love should be accepted but whether or not homosexuality is normal, natural or morally wrong. “This movie cleverly attempts to justify homosexual practice by presenting likeable characters who viewers sympathize with and to bring about gay advocacy through a tragic movie ending brought about by what gay activists and sympathizers call homophobia” said Swan.

Swan condemns the media for what he calls the “homosexualization of America” by giving Americans a steady diet of television programs depicting settings tolerant of homosexuality. Such shows as Friends, and Will & Grace “attempt to desensitize us to the sin of deviant sexual behavior” said Swan.

When asked if he is preaching hate Swan adamantly protests by pointing out that homosexuality is about sexual relations between people of the same gender, not the character or circumstance of homosexuals themselves. “We condemn the behavior, not the person” he says.

Pastor Swan balks at the labels placed on outspoken critics of homosexuality. “They label our righteous indignation as right wing bigotry or religious fanaticism. God’s people can no longer afford to be ambivalent and unconcerned about what is going on around us or about what it means,” said Swan.

When asked about what the Christian response to Brokeback Mountain should be, Swan stated “Unfortunately, the gay lobby has many Bible believing Christians afraid to stand up and speak the truth concerning the sin of homosexuality.” He asserts that men and women of faith must “rise up against the sweeping tide of sinful deception.”

Swan contends that Brokeback Mountain does a wonderful job in evoking empathy for homosexuals and uses the power of the media to gain converts for the homosexual agenda but makes no good argument for homosexual behavior being normal, natural or Biblically acceptable. Unfortunately, Swan says “Telling a good story through the power of the big screen will still rally support to the homosexual cause.” He warns Christians not to allow their opposition to homosexuality be broken by Brokeback Mountain.