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Works of Franz Liszt Played by Ken Cowan on the Quimby Pipe Organ at First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi

Works of Franz Liszt Played by Ken Cowan on the Quimby Pipe Organ at First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi

Liszt’s organ works, demanding as they are of a powerful instrument with a rich orchestral palette, are extraordinarily well-served by the Quimby pipe organ at First Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

Conceived in the American Symphonic tradition of organ building, the instrument offers a vast range of timbral and dynamic possibilities. It does justice to the depth and breadth of Liszt’s organ music, which is written in orchestral terms and on a grand scale.

Although the organs known to the composer himself were limited in their ability to imitate a brass chorus, for instance, or solo woodwinds, or even an ensemble of orchestral strings, Liszt’s music thrives on drama and color. The Quimby organ in Jackson offers a wealth of reed, flute and string stops designed to emulate the scope of a symphony orchestra. The instrument’s responsive key action also makes it possible to properly articulate Liszt’s fleeting passagework.

Liszt’s music demands careful consideration from the interpreter, as it is often rhapsodic and free-spirited in gesture, and quasi-improvisatory in structure, encouraging a wide range of interpretative freedom.

List Price: $ 35.00

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Camille Saint-Saens: “Maestoso” from Symphony No. 3 in c minor, Op. 78 (Organ) (Michael Murray)

Optimal Sound when viewed in High Quality ( &fmt=18 )… Michael Murray plays the Haskell-Shultz Organ at the Church of St. Francis de Sales in Philadelphia, along with the Philadelphia Orchestra, under the direction of Eugene Ormandy (in one of Ormandy’s final performances). Thank You for listening!

Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon – Church organ

Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon – Church organ
Trinity Church
Image by ell brown
This is the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is the site where William Shakespeare and close members of his family are burried inside.

It is in Old Town near a bank of the River Avon.

2010 is the 800th anniversary of the present building which dates to 1210.

Information from a leaflet I was given after paying £1.50 to go to the section to view Shakespeare’s Grave.

There has been a church on this site since at least 713 when a Saxon monastery was built here. The present building dates from 1210, with the oldest sections being the tower, transepts and nave pillars. The North and South aisles were added in the 1300s and the Chancel in the late 1400s.

The Church of the Holy Trinity is a Grade I listed building.

Church; collegiate status from 1415 to 1547. Anglo-Saxon
origins; possibly C12 work in early C13 tower, remodelled in
early C14; early C13 transepts; early to mid C14 nave arcades
and aisles; 1580s chancel; 1590s nave clerestory and north
porch; 1763 spire by W Hiorn of Warwick; restored by William
Butterfield, 1850s; by Bodley and Garner, 1888-92 and 1898.

Church of the Holy Trinity, Stratford – Heritage Gateway

As I was here, thought I might as well go inside and see Shakespeare’s Grave.

Pipes on a church organ.

Chris Lawton at the Compton organ of St Peter’s Church, Cradley: Praise to the Lord

Me at the organ of St Peter’s Church in Cradley, West Midlands. The organ was built by the famous John Compton Organ Company Ltd as job number A188 and installed here in 1933. It is typical of Compton organs with a detached stopkey console and built on the “unit” principal with 6 ranks of pipes all enclosed behind an ornamental grille. The specification reads: PEDAL Sub Bass 32′ Open Bass 16′ Bourdon 16′ Flute 8′ Flute 4′ Trombone 16′ Trumpet 8′ Great to Pedal Swell to Pedal GREAT Bourdon 16′ First Open Diapason 8′ Second Open Diapason 8′ Hohl Flute 8′ Salicional 8′ Octave 4′ Flute 4′ Salicet 4′ Twelfth 2.2/3′ Fifteenth 2′ Acuta II Trumpet 8′ Swell to Great SWELL Contra Salicional 16′ Second Open Diapason 8′ Hohl Flute 8′ Gemshorn 8′ Salicional 8′ Flute 4′ Gemshorn 4′ Gemshorn 2′ Larigot 1.1/3′ Cymbale III Trombone 16′ Trumpet 8′ Clarion 4′ Tremulant ACCESSORIES 4 thumb pistons to Great 4 thumb pistons to Swell 4 toe pistons to Pedal 1 reverser thumb piston – Great to Pedal 1 reverser thumb piston – Swell to Pedal 1 reverser thumb piston – Swell to Great 1 balanced expression pedal – Organ 1 balanced expression pedal – Crescendo Double touch canceller to each department Ventil switches Voltmeter Im playing the hymn “Praise to the Lord” to give the idea of what the organ sounds like. Many thanks to organist Margaret Bloomer for allowing me access to this fine organ and to Keith Colley for taking the photographs in this video. Sadly at the end of 2011 the blower failed and
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Chris Lawton at the organ of St Marys Methodist Church, Handforth: Your requests

Me playing the organ at St Marys Methodist Church in Handforth near Wilmslow, Cheshire. Rather than the usual video, I decided to ask a few of my youtube followers and friends what requests they had and so here is the result! A big thank you to all my youtube subscribers and friends and for all the encouragement you have given me so far. It is very much appreciated.