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Where can I look online to find out if there was an old church and graveyard on my land?

Question by Jennifer K: Where can I look online to find out if there was an old church and graveyard on my land?
We live in a very old 80 acre farm. It has been in my husbands family for over 100 years. Up by the road there is a foundation to what local people on our road (all of whom are passed away now) say was a little church. I guess the house we live in once was and old school house. (So they say) There is no record of this house it was here when the land was first purchased and it was abandoned. Anyways this very old woman came to the door and wanted to know what happened to the church because her Grandparents were burried in the graveyard to it. We didn’t know anything about it. How can I find out? Kind of weird. I just don’t want to go plant a tree with my kids or something and dig in the wrong spot. Right? How could a graveyard just be forgotton about? Maybe the woman is mistaken.

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Answer by pmk
depending on your location, your county courthouse should have records of all cemetaries within the county, at least official ones.

you should haved for her name and her grandparents name, there might also be some record of location of where they were buried.

don’t know of any place online to help with your search if this was a long time ago when the church / graveyard might have been there.

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