Calvary Bible Church Milpitas offers solace to followers of Doomsday prophet Harold Camping

Family Radio President Harold Camping had predicted that on May 21, 2011, 200 million people will Rapture while the rest left behind will perish in a series of natural disaster, including violent earthquakes. Believing him, many of Camping’s followers sold their possessions and quit their jobs to prepare for the Judgment Day. But when nothing happened on May 21, Camping’s followers became devastated. However, help was at hand. Jacob Denys, pastor of Calvary Bible Church, Milpitas, CA, led a small group to offer spiritual counseling and support to Camping’s followers. Read the full story in
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Title Offers Much-Needed Answer to Decline of Christian Churches

Longwood, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2009

A vast majority of all Christian churches are declining or just maintaining the status quo. Thousands of church growth books have been written addressing this subject, but Xulon Press author Dr. Robert A. Young’s latest endeavor, How to Lead a Church to Reach People and Grow – Combining Basic Growth and Administrative Principles (.99, paperback, 978-1-60791-857-8), is unique in that it presents the necessary preparation a church must make to reach new people, but also gives the church growth techniques and principles that have worked in other churches. This practical guide will resonate with readers who want their churches to function efficiently and effectively, and reach people for Christ.

“With a majority of all Christian churches declining amid growing population, this book offers a much-needed answer to the problem,” the author says. “It addresses almost every area of church life and offers hundreds of ideas and suggestions to put a church back on the path to accomplishing its purpose. If the 15 steps are followed in the correct order, the church can be assured of growth and reaching new people.”

Young has served 50 years in churches and as a consultant in the areas of church growth and administration. He is currently president of Samuelite Corp., Church Outreach and Consulting and has previously written a book titled The Development of a Church Manual of Administrative Policies. It is his hope this book will further his work of helping churches accomplish their purpose–reaching people for Christ.

Dr. Robert A. Young currently resides in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 7,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order How to Lead a Church to Reach People and Grow through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. How to Lead a Church to Reach People and Grow is available online through,, and


Church outreach offers food to parents

Church outreach offers food to parents
Nicole Castaneda expressed her gratitude over and over as she talked about the bag of food she picked up Oct. 22 at Clayton Elementary School. The food distribution was an outreach project by Denver First Church of the Nazarene.
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Charlotte Church – Charlotte Church No ‘feisty Simpleton’
Charlotte Church worries people see her as a “feisty, opinionated simpleton”.The Welsh former child star – once dubbed the ‘Voice Of An Angel’ – hopes to dispel…
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Church preaches starting pledge
Reading striker Simon Church will double his efforts to try and earn a place in Brian McDermott`s starting line-up.
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ChurchNet USA Offers Free Resources to Help Church Startups Reach Out and Grow

A Resource Center for Church & Faith-Based Organizations

Orlando, FL (Vocus) August 11, 2010

ChurchNet USA, a full-service resource center for churches and faith-based organizations, is excited to provide assistance to struggling outreach ministries and churches. ChurchNet’s resources have been specifically designed to address the numerous churches and faith-based organizations who wish to initiate outreach ministry programs to engage their community and members but are unsure how to do so.

“The current economy is difficult for everyone right now – including churches and ministries,” said Efrain Rodriguez, CEO of ChurchNet USA. “We want those who are facing outreach challenges to take advantage of our free outreach ministry startup resources. With our assistance, problematic areas can start being resolved, despite the toll of the economy.”

ChurchNet USA has several tools and resources that have been specifically designed to provide guidance to startup and established outreach ministries. Project Outreach, a new program designed to help develop and implement outreach programs, has served as an invaluable resource for several church institutions and community outreach efforts.

“All of our resources are about helping people develop and implement outreach ministry programs that will increase church membership, help people with their needs, condition the heart to be receptive for spiritual outreach and make it easier to receive grants and financial support to fund the different outreach programs,” said Rodriguez.

ChurchNet USA specializes in assisting church startups with the planning and implementation of outreach ministry programs along with legal structure, 501c3 tax exemption, funding solutions such as: faith-based grants, corporate sponsorships and more. Some of the most popular and successful outreach programs that are easy to implement with limited resources include:

Healthy Living Support Group
Entrepreneurs & Job Search Workshop
Youth Programs
Cooking Classes
Family Life Center

“Our outreach ministry resources will help to engage attract and give help to church startups by building relationships and sharing the faith with the community,” said Melanie Swift, Director of Non Profit Services for ChurchNet USA.

About ChurchNet USA

Founded in 2004, ChurchNet USA serves as an all-encompassing resource center for faith-based organizations and churches nationwide. Their mission is to provide affordable services, valuable church resources and flexible solutions to church startups and faith-based organizations, enabling them to successfully reach out and grow their church. For more information visit:

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Church bazaar offers food and fun for everyone

Church bazaar offers food and fun for everyone
A few hundred people showed up Saturday at the North Orwell Community Hall to take advantage of the food, crafts and fun being offered at the North Orwell Union Church Holiday Bazaar.Among the wares offered by vendors were ceramics, knick-knacks, books,
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Church mentors teens
Are you looking for a little guidance?The Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church, 1615 E. Murphy, is starting a five-month high school mentoring program from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.The program, for teens ages 16 to 18, will help develop…
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Church Got Lots of Empty Land? Build Housing.
On Monday, St. Martin’s Church at North Capitol and T Streets NE will officially open its new residential development, The Summit at St. Martin’s , with 178 units of affordable housing, 51 of them reserved for formerly homeless people who graduated from transitional housing programs.
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Artist of controversial work offers to create painting for Loveland church

Artist of controversial work offers to create painting for Loveland church
The artist behind a controversial artwork destroyed at a museum here is offering to create a painting for a local church.
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LDS church responds to HRC petition
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement through a spokesman following the delivery of a petition by the Human Rights Campaign.
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St. Paul the Apostle celebrates 60 years
JOLIET — St. Paul the Apostle School and Church kicked off the school year with an Alumni Mass and Breakfast on Aug. 27 in commemoration of its 60th anniversary. Alumni and staff from years past enjoyed Mass in the church, followed by food and fellowship in the school. Some former …
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Mays Landing, NJ (PRWEB) April 15, 2006

In an effort to bring Churches onto the Internet in a fast, easy and affordable manner, has built a system that offers Churches a series of three options to put their website online. The sign up process takes only a few minutes and after receiving a confirmation email, the Church Website is live. “A user can register for the service, log into their control panel and be changing their website in five minutes,” says Jason Bailey the webmaster of

The control panel allows a non-technical user, with an Internet connection, to log in with a username and password and edit the pages of their website. The control panel uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows a user to add, edit and design the text of their website. This feature works just like the famous word processing programs many computer users are already familiar with.

The Website system offers three affordable, unique packages to allow Churches who don’t want or need an overly complex website, but wish to start spreading their message online fast.

The Free Church website package includes three pages and a series of pre-designed template options to choose from. The pages include a Home Page, Ministry Program Page and a Contact Page. Once logged in, a user can upload a Church Photo and a Pastor’s Photo and control the design of their website with a simple form. These users get a free sub-domain to host their new website. (e.g.

The Gold package gives the user a 10-page website with a sub-domain. In addition to the pages provided in the Free website package, Gold subscribers get the following pages: Church Sermons, Links & Resources Page, Calendar of Events, Photo Gallery with up to 50 photos, Church Leadership and Ministries, Special Programs and Activities, Bible Studies. But most important, Gold Package subscribers get a Media Upload Manager. This feature allows users to upload Images, Video, Audio, PowerPoint, PDF and Flash files to their website and gives them 100 Megabytes of disc space.

The Platinum Package includes all the features of the Gold package, but is designed for users who don’t want a sub domain (e.g. The Platinum package will set the system up on their own domain name and provide email for the Church. The Platinum website package is a fully hosted solution for the church with a free domain name to individualize their location on the Internet.

Currently, the system offers users 12 different Church website template options and more are added regularly. However, a Church can request a custom design to be added to the system as an additional service. The templates can be changed by the user as often as they wish and the changes are seen on the Church website immediately.

The service has been hosting Church websites since 2004. A recent upgrade in March 2006 dramatically increased the simplicity and features provided through the system. is located just outside of Atlantic City, NJ. For more information visit our website or contact Jason Bailey at: 609-569-8184.

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Pastor and Author Kwame Frimpong Offers Sound Counsel to the Hurt and Offended

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) April 13, 2006

Pastor Kwame Frimpong is on an important mission, one that has led him from his homeland of Ghana in West Africa, to the shores of his American homeland. “I gave my heart and life to Christ in Ghana, and God trained me up to be a pastor,” explained Frimpong. “But he called me to the nations, and specifically to the U.S., to speak a message of hope and healing to those bound by wounds from their past.”

The mission of healing and forgiveness resonates deeply with this humble man of God because he has witnessed the devastation that wounds from the past have wrought in the lives of so many. “As a pastor I have counseled many believers who have been nearly destroyed by the actions and words of others,” he said, “from parents, spouses, friends, and siblings. But I know what the Word of God says, and there is healing right for everyone. I have seen so many released from years of bondage once they get a revelation of Christ’s transforming power.”

Frimpong’s passion to see lives changed led him to pen his latest book, “It’s Not Your Fault,” which charts the biblical path that is the only way to true and lasting healing from past hurts. Frimpong can personally relate to such pain. “The rejection I received from my own parents and family actually drove me from my home,” he recalled, “causing years of emptiness and torment, even after I had become Christian.”

That very personal crisis sent Frimpong to God’s Word and prayer for answers. “God showed me that through Christ there is a way of victory,” he said. “I decided to write this book for all those who are going through the same struggles I faced.”

Pastor Kwame explained that often the key to freedom is dealing with unresolved issues from one’s past that have not been adequately addressed. Inner wounds that go as far back as early childhood may be the obstacles that keep individuals from living in victory. “To continue with such weight is simply unnecessary,” declared Pastor Kwame with passion. “My deep desire for readers of the simple, but profound message in this book is to be healed from their pasts and move on in their life serving and worshipping God in fullness of joy.”

“It’s Not Your Fault” is actually the sequel to an earlier book, “Overcoming Offenses,” which Frimpong wrote to teach individuals the scriptural truth about releasing hurts they have received from others. “Let’s face it, the enemy of our souls knows just the right buttons to push to try to get us out of fellowship with each other – and to destroy the peace that is our inheritance as Christians,” he said. “Each of us is susceptible to both real and perceived offenses from others, including family members, fellow believers, and pastors and church leaders. How many relationships have been needlessly destroyed or damaged because Christian have not responded to these attacks with the truth of God’s Word? Both of these books are devoted to addressing this crucial issue in the lives of believers and the church.”

As founder of Christ to the Nations Ministries and pastor of All Nations Fellowship Church in Raleigh North Carolina, Frimpong maintains a full schedule of teaching, counseling, traveling, and speaking. “My passion has always been to see believers discover and fulfill their individual callings,” he explained. “But that can only fully come as we recognize the work of the enemy and learn to use the weapons of spiritual warfare against him. My passion is to teach believers to recognize and defeat the enemy in their personal lives and in their churches.”

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New Book Offers Hope for Those Hurting

Romeoville Ill. (PRWEB) August 31, 2009

Author P. E. Calhoun released his inspirational and informative book titled 7 Facets of God, ways to never feel alone by experiencing God. Self-published under Xulon Press the book was written to be informative while offering encouragement for those feeling alone struggling with depression and anxiety while seeking answers.

When asked why he wanted to write such a book P. E. Calhoun answered, “In times like these, a lot of people feel as if they’re having to take on the impossible single handedly and that’s not the case.” He continued saying, “I wanted to let people know they’re not alone while at the same time showing them how to avoid depression, anxiety and other feelings which make us want to give up hope.”

Considering the government health care debate, antidepressants being engineered chemically to make us feel good synthetically in a society looking to go all-natural and the economy, there is expected to be a demand for the information contained in 7 Facets of God. With a guarantee to show readers how they can tap into an all-natural antidepressant inside their own body, it is expected to be a welcomed read for those experiencing the typical ‘holiday blues’. According to its author P. E. Calhoun, the best part about the all-natural antidepressant in our body is it’s free and works instantly. No more waiting hours or days for the benefits. The only side effect is it’s contagious to others helping them feel good as well.

As we enter September – National Yoga Month – sales for the book, which helps people relax all-naturally, are expected to climb as demand rises moving towards the holiday season. With the increasing divorce rate in a downed economy combined with the government health care plan predicting the demand for 7 Facets of God is difficult while at the same time verifies a demand does exist. 7 Facets of God, a 188 page paper back, also guarantees a bold claim that it can provide its readers with the ability to know how others are talking about them when they’re not around. “With the season offering the most depression and anxiety approaching, people are going to want a better and more effective way to cope. The fact that it also helps people see the way others are talking about them after they’ve left the holiday parties is icing on the cake” said P. E. Calhoun. Readers can order 7 Facets of God by calling toll-free (866) 909-BOOK (2665) or visiting which can also be linked too with 7 Facets of God is also available through Barns & Noble, Amazon and other popular book retailers.

About P. E. Calhoun

P. E. Calhoun is the author of 7 Facets of God. He continually seeks challenges which require insightful out-of-the-box perspectives resulting in the most creative solutions. Regularly attends Calvary Church in Naperville Illinois, with a congregation of over 5000 people where he has volunteered as a camera operator since 2004. He has worked eclectically in such industries as the medical industry, transportation industry, and most recently the electronics industry as a Test Engineer.

Contact Information:

Paul Calhoun, author of 7 Facets of God

(630) 885-8237


53rd Annual St. Simons Sea Island Tour of Homes Scheduled for March 18 Resort Quest St Simons Offers 10% off Beach Front Condos

ST. SIMONS ISLAND, SC (PRWEB) March 20, 2006

The St. Simons Sea Island Tour of Homes is a traditional spring-time celebration sponsored by the Episcopal Churchwomen of Christ Church, Frederica. Tours offer a view of the diverse architecture and stylish interiors of some of the island’s finest homes and landmarks. Tickets may be purchased in advance by mail or on tour day. Call 912-638-1984 or 912-638-2565 for more tour and ticket information.

ResortQuest St. Simons invites guests to tour the magnificent homes and buildings by offering a 10% savings on select beach front condos between March 13 and 31. Offer is based on availability and some restrictions may apply. Call 888-315-5214 or visit for Tour of Homes vacation rental specials.    

About ResortQuest

ResortQuest, the nations’ leading vacation property management company, provides a one-stop resource in North America’s premier resort destinations (

ResortQuest is the largest marketer and management company of vacation condominiums and home rentals in the U.S. and Canada, based on a portfolio of nearly 17,000 vacation rental properties with a combined real estate value estimated at approximately billion. ResortQuest employs more than 4,000 people and is owned and operated by Gaylord Entertainment Co. (NYSE: GET), one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the hospitality and entertainment industries, based in Nashville, Tenn., that also owns and operates Gaylord Hotels and the Grand Ole Opry. ResortQuest St. Simons has over 350 vacation home and condos. For more information, visit or