J&F now offer Custom Pulpits!

J&F Custom Church Pulpits In many Christian church settings, there are two places from which speakers deliver their message, the pulpit, usually on the left when viewed from the congregation, and the lectern, usually on the right when viewed from the congregation. Each position serves a different purpose and is used for delivering different types of messages; however, pulpits receive the most attention. A raised platform from which a member of the clergy delivers a sermon, pulpits are often considered the most important piece of furniture in the church as they are the central point in the congregation and intended to convey that the message being delivered is of utmost importance to the faithful. Throughout history, pulpits have appeared in many forms ranging from simple platforms to elaborate, highly decorated affairs that highlighted their position within the architecture of the church. In modern times, it’s not unusual to find that pulpits have taken a lesser role for some faiths, but in others, pulpits remain an important part of a church’s proceedings. J&F Remodeling Specialist manufactures pulpits spanning a range of styles from the relatively simple to the more complex and elaborate. All of our pulpits are meticulously hand crafted from the finest materials available and feature colors stretching from natural wood grain or stained, to Colonial, allowing for placement in a wide range of church environments and layouts. The size and shape of our pulpits vary as well

Patricia Justice to Offer Free Seminar in Job Search Focus and Resume Writing

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) April 28, 2009

Patricia Justice will present a free workshop addressing two major roadblocks to finding new employment: getting a focus on your search and writing effective resumes. Responding to the current high unemployment rate and increasing difficulties of finding new employment, this free workshop will take place at 7 PM Thursday, April 30, at St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, 571 Hold Road, Marietta, GA as part of their Career Ministry.

“The modern resume,” says Patricia Justice, “no longer exists as a list of job descriptions and previous employers. Nowadays an effective resume is a platform to showcase specific and quantifiable results. Writing this kind of resume is new to many people and can be downright terrifying. But it can be done and I want to help.”

Proper focus for a job search is paramount for a successful outcome. No employer wants to sift through all the things an applicant can or used to do. Consequently, job candidates need to focus on one goal and stick to it. Prospective employers want to know what, exactly, that person can do for them and that they do it better, or faster, or less expensively than the rest of the field.

Patricia is Founder & Principal of Justice HR Consulting, LLC, a professional services provider specializing in EEO Compliance and Training, HR Audits, Root Cause Analysis of employee issues and Employee On-boarding. Prior to establishing her own human resources services business she had a successful 25-year career in complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted organizations and has successfully dealt with a wide variety of professional, technical, support, and administrative personnel from entry level to Boards of Directors. Patricia is also a Career Management Consultant with Right Management, the world’s leading global provider of integrated consulting solutions across the employment lifecycle.


Patricia Justice, Principal,

Justice HR Consulting, LLC



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Rock Island Restaurants offer coupons in Peoria Dining Tour

Rock Island Restaurants offer coupons in Peoria Dining Tour

If you are watching your budget, but still want to eat out occasionally, then you need the 2009-2010 Peoria Dining Tour book.


The Peoria Dining Tour book contains more than 300 valuable “Buy One – Get One Free” coupons valid at more than 100 Rock Island Restaurants and Restaurants Moline. You get all this value for only for the entire book, now in its 21st consecutive year.


Each printed coupon includes information on the restaurant’s money-saving offer, along with its name, address and phone number. Helpful hints about tipping your servers, days that the coupon is valid, as well as any minor restrictions, also are printed on the coupons. The back of the coupon lists more valuable information such as house specialties, banquet facilities and other advantages for Restaurants Moline and Rock Island Restaurants.


Whatever your favorite cuisine, you’ll find Rock Island Restaurants that serve it in the Peoria Dining Tour book. Along with coupons for all your favorite national chain restaurants, you’ll find such Restaurants Moline favorites as Adams Street Café, Par-a-dice Hotel Casino, Angie’s Family Restaurant & Buffet, Pita’s Mediterranean Wraps, Bar Louie, Ponte Vecchio, Bellacino’s, The Galley, Rhythm Kitchen, Richard’s on Main Street, Burger Barge, Butler’s Chicken, Haddad’s, Café Evergreen, Hickory River, Smokehouse, Carnegie’s 501, The Chateau, Jane’s Ice Box, Spotted Cow, Chicago Hut, Kaiserhof, Club Lacon, Cracklin’ Jakes, Crusen’s, Culver’s, Vertucci Chicago Style Eats, Michael’s Italian Feast, Mister G’s Chicago Style Hotdogs, Water Street Café, and Youssef’s Deli.


Not only are you helping yourself when you purchase the 2009-2010 Peoria Dining Tour book, you’re helping your community as well. Dozens of schools, churches and other community organizations sell the Peoria Dining Tour books to support local projects that benefit everyone.


Among the organizations selling this valuable book with coupons for Rock Island Restaurants and Restaurants Moline are women’s groups such as the Peoria Women’s Club, United Methodist Women of East Hanna, Lutheran Women of Great Peoria Area, Junior League of Peoria and Women’s Council of Realtors.


You probably already know someone who’s in community clubs such as Optimist, Kiwanis and Lions that sell Peoria Dining Tour books with valuable coupons for Rock Island restaurants and restaurants Moline.


Should you prefer to contribute through a local church, you can obtain a Peoria Dining Tour book from one of many denominations, such as Saint Edward Church, Bethel Memorial United Church of Christ, Saint Monica’s Church, East Peoria Hands of Christ, East Peoria Sunnyland Christian Church CWF, Catholic Singles Adults Club Peoria, Forrest Hill United Methodist Church Peoria, 1st Christian Church – Peoria, 1st Presbyterian Church – Princeville.


If you’d like to help a youth organization with your purchase of a Peoria Dining Tour book, you can buy yours from Boy Scout Troop 65 in Groveland, 1st Free Methodist Youth Peoria, Tremont United Methodist Childcare or schools such as Germantown Hills School PTO in Metamora, Peoria Christian School, Peoria Heights High School Scholastic Team or Washington HS Band Boosters.


A full list of participating organizations, along with telephone numbers to call for buying Peoria Dining Tour books, is available on the book web site. Check it out today to find a community organization near you offering this great value in dining out!

Enjoy a good meal and serve your community at the same time. Check with a local church, school or civic club to buy your 2009-2010 Peoria Dining Tour book and check out your options for Restaurants Moline or Rock Island Restaurants.