How to ask for help without being offended & humiliated by others?

Question by guillermina: How to ask for help without being offended & humiliated by others?
I’m just asking for furniture donations not money & many have said things that have hurt my feelings. Trust me if I didn’t need help I wouldn’t be asking for it my family & I have been through a lot I’m willing to pay a couple of dollars for furniture please help

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Answer by Briana
Just Ask , Theirs Always Gonna Be Those Ignorant People Who Have To React Negatively Because Their Not Standing In Your Shoes . Ignore It & Keep On Moving , Its For Your Family . Handle Yours & Ignore The Dumbies !

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Pastor and Author Kwame Frimpong Offers Sound Counsel to the Hurt and Offended

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) April 13, 2006

Pastor Kwame Frimpong is on an important mission, one that has led him from his homeland of Ghana in West Africa, to the shores of his American homeland. “I gave my heart and life to Christ in Ghana, and God trained me up to be a pastor,” explained Frimpong. “But he called me to the nations, and specifically to the U.S., to speak a message of hope and healing to those bound by wounds from their past.”

The mission of healing and forgiveness resonates deeply with this humble man of God because he has witnessed the devastation that wounds from the past have wrought in the lives of so many. “As a pastor I have counseled many believers who have been nearly destroyed by the actions and words of others,” he said, “from parents, spouses, friends, and siblings. But I know what the Word of God says, and there is healing right for everyone. I have seen so many released from years of bondage once they get a revelation of Christ’s transforming power.”

Frimpong’s passion to see lives changed led him to pen his latest book, “It’s Not Your Fault,” which charts the biblical path that is the only way to true and lasting healing from past hurts. Frimpong can personally relate to such pain. “The rejection I received from my own parents and family actually drove me from my home,” he recalled, “causing years of emptiness and torment, even after I had become Christian.”

That very personal crisis sent Frimpong to God’s Word and prayer for answers. “God showed me that through Christ there is a way of victory,” he said. “I decided to write this book for all those who are going through the same struggles I faced.”

Pastor Kwame explained that often the key to freedom is dealing with unresolved issues from one’s past that have not been adequately addressed. Inner wounds that go as far back as early childhood may be the obstacles that keep individuals from living in victory. “To continue with such weight is simply unnecessary,” declared Pastor Kwame with passion. “My deep desire for readers of the simple, but profound message in this book is to be healed from their pasts and move on in their life serving and worshipping God in fullness of joy.”

“It’s Not Your Fault” is actually the sequel to an earlier book, “Overcoming Offenses,” which Frimpong wrote to teach individuals the scriptural truth about releasing hurts they have received from others. “Let’s face it, the enemy of our souls knows just the right buttons to push to try to get us out of fellowship with each other – and to destroy the peace that is our inheritance as Christians,” he said. “Each of us is susceptible to both real and perceived offenses from others, including family members, fellow believers, and pastors and church leaders. How many relationships have been needlessly destroyed or damaged because Christian have not responded to these attacks with the truth of God’s Word? Both of these books are devoted to addressing this crucial issue in the lives of believers and the church.”

As founder of Christ to the Nations Ministries and pastor of All Nations Fellowship Church in Raleigh North Carolina, Frimpong maintains a full schedule of teaching, counseling, traveling, and speaking. “My passion has always been to see believers discover and fulfill their individual callings,” he explained. “But that can only fully come as we recognize the work of the enemy and learn to use the weapons of spiritual warfare against him. My passion is to teach believers to recognize and defeat the enemy in their personal lives and in their churches.”

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