list of nations that enjoy a separation between church and state?

Question by jonathan k: list of nations that enjoy a separation between church and state?
Which countries enjoy separation of church and state?
I want to compile a list to satisfy my curiosity.

If you want to provide some more information besides just the name of the country, but also want to comment on your reasoning behind your decision to include or bar a nation from your list, i would be interested in reading your commentary as well.

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Answer by out2lunch4now2
I don’t believe there are any countries that “enjoy” a separation of church and state. There are a lot of countries where the church and state are linked, primarily Moslem nations. Some misguided people think our Constitution calls for this separation but that phrase cannot be found in the document, just in some revisionist judge’s mind and in a letter from Thomas Jefferson.

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KeithTruth/Knowwheretorun1984: Calvinism’s NWO connections to the UNITED NATIONS

For those who KNOW the plans of the NWO include the United Nations, HAVE to include ALL members. The church ministers and so-called “truthers” ALWAYS lead us to a certain direction, which ALWAYS IS, Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, and also to the Zeitgeist Movement, or David Icke. The ISSUE is the FACT that the “Reformers” such as Rick Warren is ALSO connected to the United Nations “Counsel on Foreign Relations” as well, and his satanic crew goes on and on in the form of church ministers, ESPECIALLY the one’s here on YT, namely Piper, Washer, MacArthur, White etc. To also include KeithTruth, Chris White, 52Blades [Ben] and Christianscholarship [Eric] and many more. These people has DIRECT ties to the United Nations AND to Alex Jones. Jones advertises Chris Pinto who is Chris White’s partner and also in under the control of Jones, Keith is also White’s little soldier boy, and the other’s named as well and they are ALL advertising for John Piper, Steve Lawson, Paul Washer, Rick Warren and the rest to include Darrell Myatt who points the funger at the Muslims because that was and IS the plans that Albert Pike wrote down over 100 years ago and Myatt fulfill’s the plans started. Jesus Christ told us about the wolve’s in sheep’s clothing which does NOT describe Helena Blavatsky, but that’s who these so-called truthers will lead everyone too. INSTEAD of being able to see the REAL liars, [Parable of the Wheat and Tare] we are herded and led like the cattle we are to a
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UNITED NATIONS – CHURCH UNITED NATIONS – CHURCH Public Awareness Images UNITED NATIONS Advertising Agency & RUBICAM UNITED KINGDOM Creative Director:MIKE COZENS Copywriter:DAVID WEST Art Director:RICHARD DENNEY Agency Producer:AMANDA GOODSHIP Account Supervisor:BERNARD BARNETT Advertiser’s Supervisor:FIONA ALLDRIDGE Production Company:STREETLIGHT PRODUCTIONS UNITED KINGDOM Director:PAUL STREET Producer:BUSTER EVANS Lighting Cameraman:ADAM SUSCHITZKY Music: Artist/Title:BACH/WILL GREGORY We’re in a church for a family service when Bang! Armed men burst in and threaten the congregation before dragging out an ordinary middle-aged woman. CHURCH | Film Lions 1999 | No Award
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scare tactics to decieve the nations counter with church.wmv

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Aryan Nations rallies in Bethany

Aryan Nations rallies in Bethany
BETHANY BEACH — Planned as a “White Patriot Day,” a boardwalk demonstration Saturday by the Aryan Nations Church of Jesus Christ Christians attracted a diverse crowd of protesters, sympathizers and awe-struck bystanders.
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Pope Benedict XVI praised Britain Sunday for standing up to the Nazis, a remark that could rekindle controversy over the pope’s past — reminding listeners that he was forced as a young man to join the Hitler Youth.
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