Robinson will step down as bishop of N.H. in 2013

Robinson will step down as bishop of N.H. in 2013
Bishop V. Gene Robinson, whose consecration as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church set off a historic rift in the global Anglican Communion, announced to his New Hampshire Diocese yesterday that he intended to step down.
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First gay Episcopal bishop to retire
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The first openly gay Episcopal bishop is retiring in three years. New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson said Saturday he would step down in 2013 partly because of the stress on him and his family from the worldwide backlash to his election.
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UK Catholics say 5 Anglican bishops converting
Five Church of England bishops announced Monday they are converting to Catholicism following an invitation to disaffected Anglicans from Pope Benedict XVI – the highest-profile defectors among conservatives opposed to gay…
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