How can I raise money for missions trip?

Question by Mia: How can I raise money for missions trip?
I don’t believe in asking for money from church/friends, what do I do? I need $ 3000 for a trip to an orphanage in the Ukraine. The trip is coming up in July. How can I raise money without asking for handouts?

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Answer by Momof2
Well, don’t ask them for money but organize a car wash or sell candy bars, sub sandwiches, plants, etc.

My church youth group used to sell flats of plants in the spring. You’ll have to contact a nursery and tell them that you’re doing a fundraiser and see if they can give you a deal on the flats. Then take orders and have a pick-up day where the people who placed the orders pick up their plants.

Organize a rummage sale at your church. Ask people to donate things (clothes, furniture, books, toys, CDs, DVDs, knick-knacks, etc.) that they don’t need anymore. You’ll have to sort and price all the donations you get. Post flyers to advertise the sale in and around the neighborhood of the church. The profits of the sale go to the missions trip.

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List of churches that need money?

Question by Ashlee: List of churches that need money?
I don’t have the time to visit a church, so I go to whenever I can during the week.
I would still like to tithe, but since I don’t physically go to a church, I’d have to pay online.

But I was wondering.. lifechurch is a VERY big community, and I’m sure they get more than enough money to pay the bills.

I was wondering if there is a site, that lists churches who are desperate for money, who are about to shut down that I could give my tithe too.
I love those cute little old churches, I’d hate to see them go. 🙁

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Answer by KJB

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Where does the Spanish Churchs money go to?

An ad produced by the Spanish Episcopal Conference will be broadcast throughout Spain so that the citizens are made aware of the work carried out by the Catholic Church and where the donated money goes to, as well as to increase the financial support given to the Church on peoples income tax return.The public awareness campaign video called Xtantos, For many, produced for the 2009 income campaign program, has won this years prestigious EFI award for advertising effectiveness in the Social Responsibility category, which is awarded by the Spanish Advertisers Association.The public awareness campaign was launched in 2007 after an agreement reached by the Church and the Spanish Government in 2006, which established a new tax return system. With this new system, which presents the option of donating a percentage of the income surtax to the Catholic Church, the Churchs financial support depends exclusively on Catholics and those who appreciate the work carried out by the Church.
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Why does not the roman catholic church spend her money in Mexico to resolve poverty there?

Question by I’m gonna start another riot: Why does not the roman catholic church spend her money in Mexico to resolve poverty there?
Why isn’t the church creating job programs so nobody has to illegally enter into America ?Why isn’t the Roman Catholic Church not more vocal there about corruption there and demaning corruption reforms and more social programs such as welfare,food stamps in Mexico ?

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Answer by John C
since when is “the church” a “she” or “her”??????? It’s not a car you know.

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Can a non-profit church legally have a millionaire business seminar at the church and charge money for it?

Question by shatoyiab: Can a non-profit church legally have a millionaire business seminar at the church and charge money for it?
I know a pastor who is hosting a millionaire business seminar at his church and charging money for it. He has a for-profit business where he speaks on different subjects and charges money for the seminars but most of them are at the church. Isn’t that illegal?
The pastor is charging $ 89.00 per person for this event.

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Answer by Noppe
It’s not, just look at scientology.

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