Serene Magnificence Atop Mato Mofino Hill ? St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church

Serene Magnificence Atop Mato Mofino Hill ? St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church

Set atop the Mato Mofino, a hill in the Southeast part of the city, the setting of this originally Jesuit Church completed in 1758 is one of the most beautiful churches in the world, something that appeals to an artist’s eye so well that people sketching it is no strange sight. The setting and the church make a lovely picture that anybody will enjoy and appreciate, even without realizing the history behind the magnificent St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church.

With its cruciform plan, lovely domed ceiling and arresting Baroque architecture, which is known for its intricate and elaborate work, St. Joseph’s church makes a lovely contrast with the seminary, which is striking in its simplicity. The seminary also has a history to go with the architecture.

It was founded in 1728 by Jesuits, with the intention of educating young people of Macau and foreign students. Evangelization was another aim of the seminary. In 1758, the Marquis of Pombal lost his faith in the Jesuits and had them imprisoned in Lisbon. It was about two and a half decades later that the Lazarists took over the seminary, and soon brought much acclaim to the high standard of education at the seminary, soon having it called the royal seminary. In 1800, it was honored by Dona Maria I, the Portuguese Queen, as the ‘House of the Mission Congregation’.

While the architecture of the church itself has been carefully preserved, the seminary has been restored a few times over the centuries. It has also been modified and expanded – it has an extra third floor now that the original seminary did not have. It is documented that the seminary was restored once in 1903, again in 1953 and the last time in 1995.

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