13th Floor “Sexual Abuse” Missterious Janette…ikz

When you enter the elevator of a high rise building you will seldom find the button for the 13th floor. It is because of fear, superstition, or ignorance, that we pretend it doesn’t exist. The “13th floor” issues of abortion, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and the sanctity of human life have become a widely unrecognized reality, accompanied by a basic fear of people, to honestly address these issues. At purepathonline.com we have developed creative resources along with sermon outlines to give tools to Pastor’s and church leader’s who are bold enough to address “13th Floor” issues. This video addresses the issue of “Sexual Abuse” performed by Missterious Janette…ikz. If you go to purepathonline.com you can freely download this video and the accompanying sermon outlines written by: Justin Holcomb (author of Rid of My Disgrace). For more resources like this, or if you have anymore questions, visit purepathonline.com.
Video Rating: 5 / 5