QUIBOLOY, EL SHADDAI, BRO MIKE VELLARDE, IGLESIA NI CRISTO, CBCP, ETC. Are any of these religious groups and leaders engaging in illegal politicking? Have they violated the Constitution? Should their tax exemption status be revoked? How do they become very wealthy? Even bishops and churches own billions worth of stocks in mining, banks, etc. Do they pay taxes for their non-religious activities? Philippine politics are highly influenced by the endorsements of religious groups. Significantly afecting the outcome of past presidential elections. In 2010 presidential elections, the CBCP endorsed JC De los Reyes because he supports the RH Bill. But the people elected by landslide a non-supporter of RH Bill – President Noynoy Aquino. What happens when a candidate not endorsed by the Church is elected? The campaign to discredit him started and continues. Bishops resorted to name calling. Aquino as modern Herod, un-Catholic, anti-Christ..etc. But those elected Senators and government officials (endorsed by the Catholic Church and other religious groups) have forgotten that Philippines is a secular government and not a Catholic government. It is a government for all and not just for Catholics! It’s time to stop electing those endorsed by these religious groups and leaders. Do you elect the candidates for a better Philippines or for religious obedience? If these religious groups continue to meddle in the Philippine politics participating in political activities like political

St. Miriam launches new campaign to show differences among Catholic churches

St. Miriam launches new campaign to show differences among Catholic churches
The Catholic Church has dominated the news in the Greater Philadelphia area during the past few weeks, garnering headline after headline.
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US Catholics win rare victories on church closures
Like many Roman Catholics, Marie Lutkus felt anger, sadness and disillusionment after her beloved church was shut down in a consolidation of parishes.
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Church youth groups stay at camps for Carnival
Non-roman catholic christian parishioners—many of whom may not have had the option to “try out” for a traditional mas band—have opted for Evangelical retreat camps this Carnival weekend.
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