CAN VIEW THIS AT UPDATE: It was a Vladimir Putin clone, and not the real Vladimir, who was kidnapped and raped at that Jesuit compound. View my Church of Gail comments for December 14, 2011 at my website, at the link (Part Two) for the latest online communications between myself and my men– or read the Forum section at Church of Gail website about “The Real Vladimr Putin kidnapped” – You need to go to and and and and and In this video, I describe how Jesuits use or have used mind control and rape to destroy those who threaten Jesuit goals. I got all the information in this video from Skype conversations with judge Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner. For more about Jesuits and how they try to destroy myself and those who support me, visit my website at or my video channel and forum with my men at In this video I discuss how Jesuits have targeted Michael Jackson, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il, Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Terrance Jenkins, and others ( At are copies of Jesuit websites that discuss those they target. The Russian who was shot, is now mentally retarded, because he lost so much blood and drank too much vodka after the Jesuit shot him in the shoulder. Pray that we can miraculously

Camille Saint-Saens: “Maestoso” from Symphony No. 3 in c minor, Op. 78 (Organ) (Michael Murray)

Optimal Sound when viewed in High Quality ( &fmt=18 )… Michael Murray plays the Haskell-Shultz Organ at the Church of St. Francis de Sales in Philadelphia, along with the Philadelphia Orchestra, under the direction of Eugene Ormandy (in one of Ormandy’s final performances). Thank You for listening!

Respighi – St Michael the Archangel – Church Windows (2/4) Four Symphonic Impressions

Respighi, who proved with his Roman triad that he was a man who composed well in the form of tone or symphonic poem, was out of character in writing his “Vetrate di chiesa” (“Church Windows”); the subtitle, “Four Symphonic Impressions”, was odd as these were not “impressions” at all. Respighi composed three pieces for piano while vacationing with his wife in Capri in 1919. The three piano pieces were titled “Tre preludi sopra melodie gregoriane (Three Preludes on Gregorian Melodies)”. Respighi revisited the pieces and transcribed them for large orchestra, adding a fourth piece in order to make the symphonic suite complete. The names of the pieces came long after, based upon the feel of the pieces. Respighi and his close friend, librettist and literature professor, Claudio Guastalla, worked together to provide titles that would tie each of the pieces to stained glass windows of churches in Italy; they went so far as to provide scriptural references or libretto-like religious texts to accompany the pieces. But this was all done after the pieces were written… Presented here is “San Michele Arcangelo” (“Saint Michael the Archangel”), the title inspired by the war-like sounds of the piece which Claudio Guastalla imagined as, “a clash of weapons – a battle in the skies”, as described in Revelation; the battle between Saint Michael and his Angels and the dragon, at the end of time. The piece is performed here by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, led by Jesus Lopez-Cobos, a
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