The Trinity Metaphor

The Trinity Metaphor

God comes into this world as me, as you, as everyone since He created everyone, thus God manifests as people. The process through which that is accomplished can be seen through the difficult metaphor and principle of the trinity. Church fathers battled for cenuries over exactly how there could be just ONE God and yet say there are THREE Gods. It was not an easy conclusion to draw and an even more difficult one to explain.  

But, try this practical outworking of the trinity on for size. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.

God-Father-Consciousness-Creator-Guide is THOUGHT, the originator of ALL. He (no gender intended) is the architect of all life and existence. And guess what, His THOUGHTS are not our thoughts because we’ve been inculturated by this world. God’s thoughts come from an unconditioned consciousness whereas our thought come from a human “conditioned consciousness.”

The Son is the WORD. Who will disagree with that? Few I would suspect. It is the WORD that creates everything that has been THOUGHT. Here is where FAITH enters in. It is “by faith” that the WORD is spoken (from the THOUGHTS that have been HEARD) that builds the bridge from the invisible, that which is NOT, to the visible (which is only temporal).

The Spirit then manifests, is the action, that brings to live and sight what was thought and spoken. Life is that simple and yet that difficult. It’s difficult because our THOUGHTS are most often not God’s. All of God’s thoughts are loved-laced, full of forgiveness, totally inclusive, tolerant, and non judgmental. Tell me who you know that lives like that!

So, in the end God comes as ME!

God lives life through you, me, and people. See people and you’re seeing a manifestation of God. The real journey of lfie isn’t about obeying this rule or that, but listening to the thoughts of God, speaking what you have heard, and then seeing such come into exietence. as Phil. 2:13 says, ” For God is working in you, He is as you, dwelling within us, giving us the desire to be AS him and thus the power to do what pleases him and transforms the world (Ernie’s paraphrase version- EPV).

The metaphor of the trinity transforms NOTHING when presented in religious garb, but it transforms all, everything of life, when viewed as the process through which we are to live life!

As a spiritual-futurist, I interpret current events in light of possible macro-universal forces at play leading up to 2012, but not limited to it.