Lost in Melaka (Full Version)

A story about MoonSeeker in Malacca. The clip was filmed in Malacca — Historic Cities Of The Straits Of Malacca … Jonker Street, Christ Church, Melaka River, Porta De Stantiago, St. Paul’s Church, Structure of A’Famosa, Geographer Cafe and many more. Check out this short clip and hope you will enjoy it! Special thanks to all who have contributed in this short clip!

Christ Church, Melaka (Tourist must go!)

Christ Church, Melaka (Tourist must go!)
christ church
Image by Maikcol
Christ Church: Constructed in 1753, the structure reflects original Dutch architecture. The building houses hand-crafted church benches, jointless ceiling skylights, a copper replica of the Bible, a headstone written in the Armenian language, and a replica of "The Last Supper".