Boston Commons, John hancock tower, freedom trail, TD banknorth garden, Faniel hall, red sox, fenway park, the esplanade, copley square, north end, trinity church, quincy market Vinyl wall art Inspirational quotes and saying home decor decal sticker steamss

Boston Commons, John hancock tower, freedom trail, TD banknorth garden, Faniel hall, red sox, fenway park, the esplanade, copley square, north end, trinity church, quincy market Vinyl wall art Inspirational quotes and saying home decor decal sticker steamss

  • Premium Vinyl that lasts 5-7 years in outdoor exposure and 10+ years indoors!
  • Custom designs and artwork that you wont find anywhere else!
  • Can be applied to any hard surface…walls, mirrors, doors, or any other surface you can think of!
  • No background, free standing letters, comes with transfer tape to aid in installation.
  • Installation Instructions included!

Qty: 1 Wall Art Vinyl Decal
Size: 22inches in length x 24 inches in height


Image is not of actual scale. Please view the size above for actual size.

Please be sure to make certain you purchase a QUALITY VINYL WALL ART DECAL. We Only use TOP QUALITY VINYL that lasts for years. Others are selling lower priced wall art by using lower quality vinyl that will fall off after a few days or weeks!

These designs are copyrighted and trademarked by Sakari Graphics. Any products and designs reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of Sakari Graphics will be persued for damages as compensation for infringement.

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 24.99

Montréal 1890. Hay Market et Trustees St-Stephen’s Church.

Montréal 1890. Hay Market et Trustees St-Stephen’s Church.
St Church
Image by DubyDub2009
Montréal Map 1890 / Charles E. Goad. (détail). Source: BANQ.
Localisation du Trustees St-Stephen’s Church et du Hay Market (marché au foin).

Affordable Church Plans Available That Fit Today’s Market

Sanctuary of Friendship Alliance Church Auburn Township, OH

Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) September 20, 2009

Church Development Services (CDS) announced today that an updated version of its catalog of affordable, pre-designed church floor plans is now available either in print or in electronic format. In most cases, the architectural drawings offered by CDS typically cost less than half of what other firms charge, even in today’s market.

Using pre-designed church plans saves churches thousands of dollars in the development of a new building project. Much of the time, a church will decide on a design, but find out later that the church design they selected does not fit their budget. CDS helps church leaders customize the project to the church’s ministry needs and financial budget as part of its ministry. Helping churches select the right plan from the beginning and then working with the church to value engineer the selected plan is essential in order to properly steward the resources God has made available to the church.

CDS offers fifty standard plans in its new church plan catalog. Churches can select a plan or plans that they believe will fit their ministry needs and budget. CDS will review the selection(s) after gaining an understanding of the church’s ministry needs and analyzing the church’s financial information. CDS’s church floor plans have been used in over 400 successfully completed projects

CDS believes that one of the main reason congregational leaders have turned to them is because of the money they can save by selecting a ministry-driven church development company. Especially in today’s economic development market, using traditional architectural or construction management firms to design custom church plans drives the cost up significantly.

“Saving money and eliminating excess costs are lessons most Americans have learned during this recession. Churches in particular understand the value of being a good steward of money. CDS recognizes that,” said Glen Trematore, CDS’s Chief Executive Officer.

“As we see it, America’s economic downturn is good business for churches. During tough times, people seek God’s wisdom. As congregations continue to grow, the idea of expanding its physical asset becomes a natural next step, which is why more and more churches are turning to Church Development Services to help with their church building plans,” he added.

To order Church Development Services’ catalog of church floor plans, or to learn about consulting and project management services from CDS, please visit the CDS website

The mission of Church Development Services is to honor God by providing affordable, value added, church building solutions through education and consulting; and by using pre-designed church plans, customized plans, or turn-key solutions to meet the needs of each individual church.


Central Christian to host The Market of Blessings

Central Christian to host The Market of Blessings
ENID — Central Christian Church, 1111 W. Broadway, will host The Market of Blessings 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 6-7. Alternative Christmas gifts include school supplies for a child in Peru, a flock of chickens for a family in Sri Lanka or food for the hungry in Enid.
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Pastor worries more about sexy costumes
Halloween does concern Mark Wuggazer, youth pastor at Birmingham’s Lutheran Church of the Redeemer. But not because he thinks his kids might get too close to the occult.
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Interview with a Pinoy exorcist
A parish priest of the Divine Mercy Church and a real-life exorcist describes what demons do during an actual exorcism.
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A Historic Market Town in Great Britain

A Historic Market Town in Great Britain

Chesterfield is a historic market town. It lies north of Derby, on a confluence of the rivers Rother and Hipper. Chesterfield is Derbyshire’s second largest town. In the early 20th century Chesterfield at last became industrialised. A heavy engineering industry grew up and prospered here.

In 1766 the first canal-building boom had started in Chesterfield. Of all the proposed cargoes coal was considered the most important because the fledgling Canal Company aimed to undersell the rival south Yorkshire coal fields. The most famous item carried was stone to rebuild the Houses of Parliament in the 1840s

Chesterfield Market with more than 250 stalls crowds into the town centre every Monday, Friday and Saturday. The open air market has been going since at least 1165. It celebrated the 800th anniversary of its official foundation in 2004.

The Pavements Centre offers twenty-first century shopping behind a disguise of historic buildings. Vicar Lane was redeveloped in 2000 to become a pedestrianised, open-air shopping area. The near by narrow cobbled streets of The Shambles have pavement cafes and hosts of ancient shops, and the half-timbered Elizabethan, Royal Oak, the oldest inn in town.

Bolsover Castle is a romantic residence built by Sir Charles Cavendish in 1612 and completed by his son William. There is out standing craftsmanship every where the rich panelling, elaborate fire places and painted ceilings. It has a glorious enclosed garden, step into the magnificent indoor riding school and be enlightened by the audio-tour and the interactive model of the castle.

St Mary and All Saints, the Crooked Spire Church is a famous landmark, and has stood in the centre of Chesterfield for more than 700 years. The spire is not only twisted but it also leans to the south. It is possible to see the spire from any where in Chesterfield. It was straight for several centuries before it began to twist, probably as a result of unseasoned timber being used for its construction. The Spire stands 228 feet from the ground and leans 9 feet 5 inches from its true centre.

George Stephenson is buried at the Holy Trinity church on Newbold Road. He died, aged 67, on 12 August 1848 at Tapton House in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Chesterfield, along side his second wife. A bronze statue of Stephenson was unveiled at Chesterfield railway station on 28 October 2005, which is over looked by Tapton House, where Stephenson spent the last ten years of his life.

Douglas Scott writes for The Car Hire Specialist. and is a free lance writer for The Chesterfield Rental Site

How is the job market for pianist/organist/church music director in North Carolina?

Question by tahitipooh: How is the job market for pianist/organist/church music director in North Carolina?
I am a well-trained piano teacher and church music director and have been living and working in NY and CT. I have heard about the economic boom in NC and am wondering about finding a job there.

Best answer:

Answer by i. jones
One does not go into church music to make a living.

If you’ve got a doctorate and all sorts of credentials and can find a church to pay you, you’ll be lucky to get a few grand a year. Almost anywhere except in major cities and at well-known high-profile churches you’re going to be underpaid and under appreciated by those in charge.

The AGO, if you’re a member, may be of some use in helping find paying temp jobs (but summer is over) or a steady gig if someone else in the area hasn’t snatched it up.

Sad but true, traditional church attendance is declining, some denominations are digging out of financial problems of their own even to the point of combining congregations and selling off buildings and land.

Churches that are growing are focusing on pop music with “‘lectric geetarz and drumbz” rather than hymns, choral works and organ and piano.

… it’s all part of the dumbing down of America.

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