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Mandatory Volunteering? Boston News Report on the International Church of Christ -ICOC- BCOC- (1998)

NewsCenter 5 Report on The Boston HOPE. The Boston HOPE part of the HOPE Wordwide. It’s the covering organization of BCOC – ICOC Boston HOPE organisation inf…
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Endtime Church: Building Fellowship Mandatory? Sunday worship vs. Home Church

www.taliforgod.com Link of Fellowship Websites Below Pastor Dowell www.online-church.org ShockofGod http PastorGeorgec www.blogtv.com weekly services as well Facebook Fellowship www.facebook.com There is much more we can dig into this topic, such as the meaning of the word church and the different meanings it has as well. Fellowship is important, very important but is the location important? That’s what we will analyze today, this is some encouragement for believers!
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