After Major Stroke, Pastor Return to Pulpit

Pastor Bill Elder, struck down by a stroke as he prepared for his Christmas Eve sermon, he wasn’t sure he’d ever return to his pulpit at Mountaintop Community Church in Birmingham. The stroke caused severe damage to Elder’s normal ways of thinking and ability to perform even the simplest of activities. A normal life seemed far, far away. Only through weeks of therapy at UAB’s Spain Rehabilitation Center, was he able to learn again how to think, move, and enjoy the possibilities of the future. “We don’t give up on people, ever — even though we get some of the most complicated patients you’ll ever see,” said one caregiver. So emotions came easily for everyone when, months later, Elder finally took the stage again at Mountaintop Community Church in Birmingham,. “Without the staff here, I couldn’t have made it that far,” he says. The staff was affected by the pastor as well. As one caregiver says, “He made me want to be a better nurse.” See how Spain Rehabilitation Center’s staff of physical, occupational, and speech therapists and rehabilitation nursing staff and physicians worked as a team to patiently prepare this remarkable man for the return to his pulpit.

what are the major differnces between the Catholic church and Episcopalian church?

Question by meeeeeee!!!: what are the major differnces between the Catholic church and Episcopalian church?
other than control by the pope. My grandma is Episcopalian and whenever I visit her church i am confused as to the differneces. Can they allow women as priests/pastors whatever they are called b/c their preist person is female.

Best answer:

Answer by me
Episcopalians are not as creepy.

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4 Major Tips to Keep Your Church Website Visitor Coming Back for More

4 Major Tips to Keep Your Church Website Visitor Coming Back for More

So you have a rocking cool church website. You just recently redesigned it but what’s next?
Having a website is not enough. You need to make your church website not just another one of million others on the world wide web. Your goal is to make it an effective online ministry.

First step of course is to get your church website visible on the search engines based on the keywords that you believe your “prospects” will use in order to find you. Assuming this has been accomplished, how do you encourage your visitors to keep coming back to your website?

Here are some tips:
1. Regularly update your content.
Nothing can be more disappointing for a visitor than to go back to a church website only to find the same content from 3 or 6 months ago. Add new content even if it’s just the news and events section. If you have a flash slideshow, add 2 or 3 different photos every week. There are a lot of websites that offer free stock photos. If you have a blog, post an article once a week. If there is nothing to put on the news and events section, which is rarely a case, add quotes from men or women of God or verse of the day on the homepage.

2. Offer free resources.
There are different forms of resources that you can offer your visitors:

a. Articles
If possible, post original articles about topics that you believe will benefit both your
church members and website visitors.  It can be both scriptural and practical. You can
also post notes about your past messages, devotionals or short Bible studies.

b. Sermon Audios
Perhaps this is the most valuable resource that you could offer your site visitors.
Whether it’s a church member who might have missed a Sunday service or a site
visitor that is simply looking for some messages to minister to them, this is a great
tool to keep them coming back for more.

c. Videos
Web users love short clip videos. If your website is capable of streaming videos,
be sure to post videos of your services to give site visitors a glimpse of what your
Sunday service is like. Videos of your gatherings and other events are also great.

3. Allow interaction.
Ever wonder why social networking websites are successful? Because they allow interaction. They allow “online fellowship.”  If you have a blog, allow commenting on your blog. If your website has polls, regularly post new polls. If your budget allows, get a forum included. These venues create a venue for your visitors to interact with you and with each other.

4. Make it real.
Create a photo gallery section in your website and show photos of actual people in your church – whether it’s a worship gathering or fun activities, this is something that your site visitors will enjoy. By posting these kind of photos, you give your visitors a sense of who
you are and what you are all about and it gives them a sense that you are real.

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Major Church Financing Difficulties

Major Church Financing Difficulties

Financing, Loans and Commercial Finance for Churches at

Nearly all Churches necessitate the need of a commercial real estate financing. The financial sources for real and substantial estate includes: Regional banks, Private investors, Insurance companies, Saving and Loan institutions and Mortgage banking firms. First let’s touch on the obstacles that occur during the process of acquiring the church mortgage loans & church financing.

The Major Church Financing Difficulties:
(1) Church properties are unique and so, for this reason Lenders have a great apprehension regarding this matter because if the loans are not paid within a stipulated time, Lenders will be accounted for it. They have to assume ownership of the property. Owing to unique property features, it is not going to be easy to come across a new owner.
(2) For getting the hold of church loans, Lenders often entail the need of “personal guarantors” especially on account of prior observation with reference to the complexities that are involved in selling the church property again.
(3) When the church financing needs are attained, there are many objectionable terms that get exist. Such as: Minute amount of loans, low loan-to-value (LTV) of 50% to 60%, short-period time of loans and rates of high interest. By this, churches get many possibilities to face the countless financial difficulties.
(4) More than Purchasing and/or Refinancing, Church Financing, Church Construction Loans, Church Renovation and Land acquisition loans are considered as more intricate to deal with. Therefore, needed repairs are delayed for an indefinite period and new churches take lots of years to become a reality.

The Practical Solutions for the Problems which have been Issued above are:
(1) High LTV: High LTV of 75% to 85% would generate a realistic amount of about 15% to 25% that can be utilized for the purpose of down payment or non-financed portion in refinancing.(2) Long-term loans: To make the church financing more successful, rather than short-term, church financing should be of a long term, i.e. up to at least time period of 30 years.
(3) Non-Recourse Loans: Being reluctant towards individual guarantors fetches a non-traditional church lender. And than through this approach, church lending will no more rely on individual guarantors for the church financing.(4) Large sum of Loan: Ability to accommodate large church loan needs, at least of 0,000. This move would than persuade churches to finish their most business financing in one stage rather than by going through many stages.
(5) Low interest rates: Churches are being charged with the sky-scraping interest rates than it is actually required. Church financing payments can be phenomenally reduced if the payments are restricted to prime plus 1% or less than that. As a result, long-term church loan as well as decrease in overall payment will improve the church cash flow considerably.

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